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    Help Make Call of Duty What we Once knew!!

      We all know that the game has gone down hill im going to make a list of items i think should not be in the game comment your ideas of more things or reasons why it should stay Thank You!


      No Amplify


      No Imortal killstreak (Guard Dog)


      No Bullistic Vests   (UnLess Fixed Head 1 Shot)


      No Physical Damage or OP Radar Support Steak or even no support at all (Oracle Radar)


      Dont Barrier the entire map allow us to climp up on stuff to get to places the barrier on top of a  flower pot it BS


      Try to Remove head Glitching


      No Micro Transactions


      Patch Leaderboard Cheaters Right away



      Thats all i can think of right now Please Help Make Call of Duty a better call of duty like the old days

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          Re: Help Make Call of Duty What we Once knew!!

          I agree with no amplify and overpowered streaks, but ballistic vests should stay.  Vests don't exactly produce too much health, plus they're limited in number (only 4 people can be granted the benefit of one vest pile).  Radar detection streaks (SATCOMs) were drastically toned down, but yeah, Oracle was a bit too much.  Perhaps something like Oracle could exist, but as a stationary device that scans and detects enemies through walls with a limited radius (earned via killstreak).


          Micro-Transactions will not go away.  Since games are costing a lot more to create, used games and pirated games are producing more problems financially.  To make up for that, DLC restores the balance.  If people really hate micro-transactions, then don't buy them.


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              Re: Help Make Call of Duty What we Once knew!!

              Noob Vest need to go, 250HP compared to 100. It's a joke. I would understand if it gave you 50hp more, but 150hp. It also protects you from the doge.


              I hope support doesn't rear it's ugly head for another 3 years. Other cods had non lethal streaks, but they needed to be earned w/o dying. I don't have a problem with that.


              COD4 is considered one of the greatest cod's of all time & never heard ppl complain about Radar's back then, why is it a problem now? It's better for me, because I run around the map w/o being noticed, unless the Oracle or ping is up. I just don't understand why all sudden people have a problem with things that were a staple in the older games.

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              Re: Help Make Call of Duty What we Once knew!!


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                Re: Help Make Call of Duty What we Once knew!!

                I don't think they've gone downhill at all. The dog was/is very easy to kill. I was going to go thru your list and give counterpoints to everything, but I'll sum it up with, every single thing you complained about has a counter. So, try adapting to the game instead of asking the game to adapt to you. You'll have more fun, and improve.

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                  Re: Help Make Call of Duty What we Once knew!!

                  I'm not sure if you've recently played the game but the Dog is now super easy to kill. It no longer takes an entire clip. My only complaint now is not the Dog itself but how stupidly effective it is in tight spaces.


                  I disagree with removing Support. It's a very passive list of streaks in Ghosts. There's no need to remove as it has a purpose.


                  Headglitching will never be removed because it's physically impossible. If you think about angles and you'll figure this out. Ghosts did the right thing and fixed the camera so it no longer sits on top of the players head but down further so you can't hide yourself entirely and still see everything. Also, they made cover either higher or lower so you're more exposed.


                  For instance most of the cover is only a couple feet high so when you're crouched and still sitting 4' you're exposed where as in Black Ops II if you cover was 4' high and when you crouched and sat 4' tall you were entirely behind cover.

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                      Re: Help Make Call of Duty What we Once knew!!

                      i knew the dg was fixed but i was more refering to you being able to be attacted thru walls by the dog and how its a insta kill no animation to be able to stop it


                      and the support would be fine if it didnt contain thins like the oracle unless put at 16kills  any physical damage streaks should never be in support thats 1 reason you dont have good players they never have any goals to push themselves to getting better streaks


                      the head glitching has ways to be fixed they just dont want to do them i fixed it my self in a self modded pc version (Offline)


                      PS..   i sold my game due to them changing every gun every time an update comes out i was sick of being able to kill people 1 game round ends and new game starts now none of my guns can do anything thats why i sold ghosts if advanced warfare is like this too that will be my last  call of duty.

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