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    permanently banned from emblems?

      a few months ago i got banned from making emblems. my emblem wasn't inappropriate or anything like that and i feel that it is really unfair that i am being punished for something i didn't know was not allowed. i could have at least gotten a warning. is there any way to get unbanned?

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          Re: permanently banned from emblems?

          Unfortunately, since you said it's permanent, i don't believe there's a way to "unban" your emblem.You can probably create a new one.

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            Re: permanently banned from emblems?

            First of all, you are demonstrating a repeat of the very same error that got you banned from making emblems - not learning the rules. Call of Duty Forum Rules are front and center of every lobby. Within those rules, specifically highlighted and stated is the mega-rule that ban appeals shall not be made within the forums. Period. there are no exceptions.


            Second, your claim that your emblem "wasn't inappropriate or anything like that" is actually an opinion. Activision and Treyarch rules set the actual guidelines as to what is offensive and what is not. The reason for this is that, for example, while you may find sexually suggestive themes socially acceptable, others may find them very offensive. Either way, it would still be an opinion. Again, that's why Activision sets specific rules as to what is acceptable and what is not.


            Finally, there will be a forum moderator who will come along and examine this thread eventually. That moderator will inform you that all bans are the result of a thorough investigation and cannot be overturned. That moderator will also inform you of everything I wrote above.


            ps - Also, specific emblems are not merely erased. Creation and use of an emblem that gratuitously violates ATVI policy results in a permanent ban from using the emblem editor.

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              As the fellow community members have informed you, bans are not subject to further review and are not a topic for discussion on the Forums. For more information you may view the Security and Enforcement Policy.


              Please review and adhere to the Forum posting policies. I will proceed to lock this thread.




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