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    Xbox 360 New and Laidback Ghosts Clan (Maybe PS and Computer)

      Confused on if an active and serious clan is right for you?  Upset that you keep getting matched with people you don't know?  Want something where you can joke and just enjoy yourself? IDG2MFF is the Clan for you!!!


      IDG2MFF started off as a joke Clan between a few friends of us while hanging out.  Decided that we all just wanted to play together and enjoy the game.  Then......we discovered Clan Wars and a whole new world opened to us, especially with all those cool  unlocks and patches.  We simply just want to get out there with a good group of and enjoy playing Ghosts with people that are just looking to have fun.


      BONUS:  Anytime you want to play, a Clan Leader will probably be on!  We have two that work third shift, and like to unwind until the sun comes up. 


      DOUBLE BONUS:  We already have a Gold Clan Tag.  [2MFF].......yeah buddy.


      -Mic is preferred, but NOT necessary to join (possibility of needing it for a core Clan Wars group for effective playing)
      -Age Limit.......not really.  Officers are mid 20's though.

      -KDR requirement?  Pfffffft, nope.  We're just trying to play some games

      -Prestige Requirement:  Lol, why?


      Seriously, we're just a small clan trying to expand and have more members so we can win a few more Clan Wars and have a core group that wants to play.


      Interested?!  Add PuertoRican151 at your friends list and send me a message.




      Here for PS and Computer?  Want to simply be an "Officer" of a Clan?  Well, just respond to this post