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        @Hawk: Don't pull a muscle doing all that fist pumping! haha, it was a pretty crazy game, with the US not playing so great and barely ever having the ball, but they managed to win.  It'll be interesting to see how they do now against Portugal, with both team missing some good players because of injuries and suspensions. 


        It's official then.  Target needs to hire you to be my new manager then.  I don't think anything would ever get done, but every customer would know how awesome Hawkeye and Mockingbird are!  Haha, that might be a bit quick with how busy I am with work right now.  Between the two jobs, I end up working somewhere between 40 and 50 hours, and then there's the extra travel time from working two different jobs.  It's not exactly like last summer when I had hours upon hours to write.  Yeah, it'd be cool to see the book all done officially in any form, but I think it'd be coolest to hold a physical copy of it, and there'd be a better chance of getting a decent number of people actually reading it with that kind of publisher, too.  You totally need to stop writing that story.  It's getting completely out of hand.  I expected that story to be: "Bobbi goes on a train to find a smuggler.  She finds him.  The end."  Why add so many unnecessary details!?


        Yeah, it'd be pretty awesome, but they've only ever put a few non-Nintendo characters in Smash Bros before: Sonic, Solid Snake, Mega Man, and Pac-Man.  Tales characters aren't exactly on that level of popularity for some strange reason (probably because people couldn't handle the awesomeness).  I'm sure if Lloyd Irving got announced for Smash Bros, I'd be here ranting about how awesome it is seconds after the announcement.  Yeah, 2016 makes sense for a game with barely anything shown yet.  Besides, we can't have every cool game getting released in 2015!  Something's gotta wait until 2016. 


        Totally unbiased, of course.  After all, Thing is your favorite character!  Not a bad deal for 6 awesome Avengers.  4 for $75 won't be too bad a deal, either, so I'm cool with that.  Might have to pick up Cap eventually, though.  I'm getting more and more excited about this game now, though.  And I'm blaming you for that, Hawk! haha, but did you see that Samuel L. Jackson is actually voicing Fury in the game? 

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          @Rogue - I'll be sure to limber up before I commence fist pumping.  I think the US played well defensively, at least for a while, but Ghana is supposed to have a pretty good offense and it aint a surprise the US's offense took a hit after Altidore went down and Dempsey had his nose busted.  They definitely got a bit lucky, but I'll take it, haha.  Yeah, I imagine Portugal is gonna come out with a big of fire in em.  At least the US will have time to gameplan without Altidore.


          So, what you're saying is that I would make the best manager ever!  I bet all the employees would make a throne to carry me around on!  Haha, yeah, free time really flies out the window when you gotta work full time.  Hopefully it won't take ya too long though, it doesn't sound like you have to much to do.  Is your professor gonna help ya find an agent and publisher?  Do they know anyone to help get your foot in the door?  I know, I don't know what's come over me!  I need an intervention.  This kind of wild recklessness can't go unchecked.


          Or watch them put a Tales character in the game, but only for Japan just to torture you, haha.  I'm sure you'll enjoy it a lot with the characters available though and piss off plenty of people for using the "wrong" ones.  But what if every cool game was released in 2015?  Would they need to colonize another planet to contain all the awesome?


          haha, naturally.  I always talk about the Thing.  Wow, really?  That's pretty crazy, I never would have expected Jackson to do that.  Where did you find out that?  By the way, did you hear about the new season of Ultimate Spider-Man?  It's supposed to have longer storytelling and focus on alternate versions of Spidey like Miles, Noir Spider-man, Spider-girl, Spider-man 2099, etc.  It seems like Steve Wacker is the one that influenced this and I wonder if they'll tone down some of the wacky humor?

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            @Hawk: Probably a good idea, especially at your age.  Yeah, but I still think you'd hope to hold the ball a little more than they did.  Seemed like they never had the ball.  But all that really matters is the final score.  If you win the game and only have the ball for a minute out of the game, it's still a win, after all. 


            Of course!  Target doesn't need anymore money anyway.  What they need to do is spread the word about how cool Hawkeye and Mockingbird are.  And, as tons of customers remind me, Target needs a new CEO.  Maybe they'd even promote you there because of your success.  Yeah, it's especially bad when you gotta jump between the two jobs because I end up working more than 40 a lot, and the extra travel time is a real pain.  The days when I get stuck working both jobs are pretty much a wash, in terms of finding any decent writing time.  It's still taking a bit of time, since I got all kinds of little details throughout I want to change, and I really want to make sure I don't rush it because you don't wanna send something to a publisher that isn't the best you can do, you know?  You probably don't get too many chances with them.  She seems to know a few writers and stuff, so I might ask if she would be able to help me get in contact with one of them and see if they have any advice or know of any agents, at least.  Here's your intervention: How I Met Your Mother - Intervention - YouTube


            Don't even taunt me like that, Hawk! haha, I think the internet would officially rise up and march on Sakurai's house if any character was only available in Japan for Smash Bros.  Yeah, I've never seen a Smash Bros game that wasn't totally awesome.  I might never play another one for the probably over 1000 hours I played Melee for, but they're pretty awesome.  The world would probably explode from awesomeness, in that case. 


            Of course, you just run around yelling "It's clobbering time!" everywhere.  Yeah, I heard it on a video demo of the game.  One of the developers or PR people showing off the game mentioned it.  He really does like comics, but I'm still pretty surprised about it anyway.  You don't see a big movie star like him do voice acting in a video game often.  I might have to get the Fury figure just for the voice acting at some point!  Which means the casting choice is paying off, I guess.  Yeah, I read about that.  I might just have to try the show out again at some point on Netflix or something.  I hear it's been getting better over time, and the longer storytelling is a big thing they've needed.  I do find it awesome that someone named Wacker might cause them to tone down wacky humor, though. 

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              @Rogue - Yeah, after the fifth century I find you really need to stretch now and then.  Gotta keep those muscles limber.  Yeah, it seemed like whenever they got the ball they quickly gave it up. 


              Exactly, Target has plenty of money!  Just focus on creating my own army of loyal Hawkeye and Mockingbird fans to march on Marvel Studios and demand they get their own franchise!  This is a completely feasible plan!  Do you have a car or do you gotta use public transit to get to your jobs?  Yeah, you wanna make a good first impression   Though Twilight got published so maybe their standards aren't as high as you would fear, haha.  Nice!  Every little bit of advice would be helpful, I bet.  But that was a bad intervention!  The world lost that magnificent hat!


              But taunting is so much fun!  Come on, Rogue, think positive!  You can play it for 1,000 hours, just quit those pesky jobs!  Then you'll have plenty of time to play!


              Cool!  I actually have seen any of those videos yet, I should probably look some up since I'm getting the collector's edition and all.  I think you're seeing more movie stars doing voice acting, but it's usually for like big serious AAA games.  Not something you'd expect for a light hearted game targeted at kids since kids aren't gonna care Sam Jackson is voicing Fury.  I wonder if we'll see a similar change for Avengers Assemble?  I think he's supposed to be involved in all of the animation stuff, not just Spidey.

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                Yep, that's on the Yoda workout plan.  It works really well to keep you in shape after the first few centuries.  It's also useful if you're green, really short, or a puppet/CGI person. 


                Totally feasible.  After all, their name is "Target," and Hawkeye can hit targets perfectly.  It was destined to happen!  I bought my brother's car for $2000 a few months ago, so I got a car for that.  It's a pretty nice car for that low price, too, a 2006 Chevy Impala.  I do take a free college bus to get to my job at my school, though.  It's way more convenient than trying to find parking, and it's free.  Twilight will always be a mystery to the world.  How does a book that's not only terribly written, but also based on terrible gender role stuff, end up being published and become super popular?  I got a good feeling my book is good enough to get published, but I want to try to do whatever I can to make it as awesome as possible now.  But it also lost a ridiculous spray tan, so it at least breaks even! 


                Nah, it's not possible because I'd end up playing Tales of Vesperia for 1000 hours instead!  Gotta have those priorities, Hawk! 


                Yeah, there were some up on YouTube. The one I saw actually focused on the Spidey playset, though it did have some Iron Man gameplay because he can crossover into the Spidey one.  Yeah, you wouldn't expect Sam Jackson to be in Infinity, but it should be pretty cool.  Especially if he makes any references to snakes on a plane like the Fury in Lego Marvel did.  So, is Loeb being kinda phased out of his role or something?  Because that'd be the best thing ever. 

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                  Oh, so you've seen the Yoda Yoga workout videos too?  They're great stuff.  I can still do the flips I did when I was only a century old!


                  Yes!  But how does it fit with Bobbi?  That's your job now, to figure out a connection between Bobbi and Target.  I'll give you a couple hundred grand to figure it out.  Report back to me inna month.  Oh, nice!  Is it still in good shape and everything?  That's great that you can still take the bus to your other job.  Must save on gas too.  Isn't the answer obvious?  Magic!  Wanda can make the impossible possible so obviously Stephanie Meyer is using the whole "no more mutants" situation to blackmail Wanda into doing her bidding!  Clearly this is the most rational possibility.  Are you sure, there was also magic!  Magic that lit things on fire, the best kind of magic!


                  Of course, how could I forget your addiction to the Tales games, haha.


                  Ah, cool!  Do you remember which site was doing the interview?  Oh, so you can use Iron Man for the Spidey set, but not any of the other Avengers?  Haha, it would be awesome to get Sam to do some joke references to his other movies  No, Loeb is still in charge of the TV department, but Wacker is just the head of the animation department.  So, Loeb is his boss, but I guess they hired Wacker to focus on the animation side because now they have SHIELD, Agent Carter, and the four Netflix series going on.  It looks like the Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon is confirmed in everything, but an official announcement!  The Guardians were on a poster along with Avengers Assemble and Ultimate Spidey at a licensing expo.  So, I suppose we can expect another season of Avengers Assemble.  I wonder if it means Hulk and the Agents of Smash is cancelled?

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                    Of course!  They're the best workout videos ever, and they really Force you to work hard. 


                    Well, Bobbi's codename is Mockingbird, and some species of mockingbirds are endangered, which means they are a target for extinction.  So where's my money?! haha, yeah the car's in pretty good shape, I think.  It's a really nice one, and he only sold it because my dad was selling him his even newer car for cheap.  It did just have a weird random problem with the water pump breaking, which cost like $300, but that's not really something that happens very often.  Supposedly, Impalas last a crazy long time.  Magic is really the only possibility, and it must be some evil magic!  Good magic would never force this book on so many innocent people!  But there was also a really bad attempt at an English accent... Actually, that was awesome, too.  So, maybe it's just the spray tan that needed to go.  Everything else could stay. 


                    I don't know!  That's like forgetting that the sky is blue or grass is green! 


                    I think the one I saw was by Gamespot.  I just watched one of the Avengers playset, though, by some Coin-Op TV.  It showed a little gameplay by each of the 6 Avengers in the game, and it was pretty cool.  Each character looks to play pretty different from each other, and the open world looks pretty big and fun to explore (you even get vehicles and stuff, kinda like Lego Marvel).  I guess only a few characters crossover between playsets.  I know Iron Man and Nova each cross over, but there might be others they haven't announced.  It's too bad they don't all crossover, but it's not the end of the world or anything.  I guess it means you can't play Hawkeye in every playset, though!  So, basically, we gotta hope that Loeb isn't paying attention to what's going on and just lets Wacker do everything with animation.  I thought that Guardians cartoon was already confirmed, so I guess I'm not surprised!  Hopefully, it turns out to be cool with Wacker working on it from the start.  It might be cancelled.  I think it has way worse ratings than the others, which probably isn't too surprising considering that the characters just aren't as well-known as the Avengers or Spidey.  Hulk is the only one your average person would recognize, and it's not like it has good writing to make up for that with people. 

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                      I did it! One year of college done! I mean I actually finished it like 5 or so days ago, but I did it!

                      That was easier than I expected...

                      But wow, I am glad to be on summer now! Even though my schedule for the last few months left me with a four day weekend every week, it's just nice to not have any obligations any more.

                      I also finally managed to get Hawkeye and Mockingbird Heroclix figures, I figured you two would be proud of that. Hawkeye is actually a total beast in this game.

                      So how are you guys planning on spending your summers?


                      @Rogue: Another thing I did! A stroke of creativity hit me last night during church and I made my rough design for the villain in my story! He wound up very different than how I originally wanted him to look, but I like this actual design far more than I do my concept! And now that I have his design and the main character's design mostly done, I feel like I can now actually start working on the story! I didn't want to start the story without knowing what they would look like first, it just didn't feel right..

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                        Wow, that US-Portugal match.  Friggin seconds away from the win and it all just crumbles.  Even though the US got a point it just feels like a loss.  Germany aint gonna be easy.  It was a really exciting game though and after Portugal got that first goal it wasn't looking great for US.  It was a lotta fun to see em fight back and get the lead.


                        @Rogue - How many Bothans died to bring us that Force pun?


                        Damn, I don't actually have the money...Do you accept Monopoly money?  I can get you a whole box of that!  Oh, nice!  So you're Dad got a new car and it started a chain of car passing.  Do you think you'll take the bus in the winter when you get that crazy Minnesota snow or try driving through it?  Hmm, perhaps Mephisto is involved then?  Or would that be too evil even for him?  I mean, even Mephisto has his limits.  Spray tans are a thing of evil.  Though that episode of Friends when Ross tried to get a spray tan but kept messing it up was pretty funny.


                        Wait, wait, wait.  You're telling me the grass is green now?  When did this happen!  Why wasn't this all over the news!


                        Oh, awesome!  I'll have to head over to google and look up the videos.  I definitely wanna see how Clint plays and what kinda cool stuff he can do!  I wonder if we'll see like Cap playable with the X-Men set and other little crossovers?  Or did they just do it cause Iron Man is super popular and Spidey is super popular so let's stick em together.  That's where you're wrong cause the Avengers playset is all I need!  Haha, I'll probably get an X-Men playset depending on who they put in it though.  A West Coast Avengers playset with Clint crossing over (or just release a classic Clint figure) would be really cool. Haha, I wonder if we'll see a change in writing crews?  Cause when Loeb took over he threw out Yost and his team from EMH mid-season and had the Man of Action team takeover.  Will Wacker add in his own handpicked writers or just keep with the Man of Action guys?  Looking at Wikipedia, Paul Dini is doing a good bit of writing though he was already on the show as a producer.  Wikipedia also says that Spidey joins the Avengers, so will he be on Avengers Assemble now?


                        @Nova - That's awesome!  Were they very expensive?  I remember ya saying before they tend to be pretty pricey.


                        I don't really have any big plans, really.  I've been watching a lot of the World Cup and writing a story, cause it's what we all do here, haha.  Since Orphan Black ended I don't really have much going on in the way of TV shows.  I have a bunch of games to play through since Playstation keeps throwing cool stuff at Plus members and I might pick up the Oddworld remake to help pass the time till September when the Disney Infinity Marvel game is rumored to come out.  And of course, I plan to buy more comics, haha.  None of the big events seem very interesting though.  Hickman's Time Runs Out storyline could be interesting though with the 8 month time jump.

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                          Yupp, they were some of the more expensive figures I've bought. Hawkeye was 7 bucks and Mockingbird was 8. I mean, I guess that isn't too bad, but for a single small figure, ehh..

                          So far the most expensive one I've bought was Storm for 15, which was really worth it actually.


                          Did you see the Uruguay player bite Chiellini today? That was crazy! I mean really? He bit him? Jeez! As an Italy fan that was a pretty disappointing game, as was the one before... I actually was hoping they were going to do good after seeing their first game!

                          Are you routing for any team in particular? USA like most people around here, I'm guessing


                          Orphan Black, I've heard of that show, what's it about?

                          Ah, Playstation is doing free games too? I've been overwhelmed by the amount of free games XBL has been giving, especially since they just gave out Dark Souls...

                          But instead of playing all those I've decided to bring out my old PS2. Never a better decision. The X-Men Legends games are just amazing.