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    Why do I keep getting reset?

      When ever I swap from the xbox one back to the 360 i always keep getting reset. Can someone help me.

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          I've actually have had similar experiences before where my rank would rollback. I did some research and found this helpful link: Activision Support

          Just try out the things in there. For me, what I did was that, I wait a few moments, make sure that the match was over and after doing a few references from the link, the rollbacks only happens once in a blue moon and they're very minimal. 1-3 levels. 4 at the most. Hope this helps out:

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            I agree with Crinkzkull08, also if you are using a wireless connection and keep on disconnecting it can also cause this issue. Try to use a wired connection for the game, it worked on me and this issue never happened to me either.