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    please read black ops 2 creators

      ok so here is the deal im am so completely over the crap on league play the amount of dosers and hackers are beyond annoying and the broken lobby's how about you get your act together and actually monitor your servers for once because its bullshit and your point system is so stupid it has no pattern  I just won 2 games by a mile won 10 points each time then I get dosed this game and well I lose 150 and im over it so fix it because as I said its bullshit you can see the hacking ones and the dosing ones do something for god sake

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          Re: please read black ops 2 creators

          yeah good job guys you made a great game aye fucken awesome job how about you do something for once in your life and fix some **** that's 2 games in a row now versing hackers and **** im so done you don't even do anything about the people we submit for cheating like do you like the money we spent on the game for you to do fucken nothing

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