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    Why are we STILL dealing with hackers?

      I just finished playing a game, with a guy, who's sighs locked on to people's heads, giving him perfect headshots every time.


      And as I argued with him about his lack of respect for the players that are still trying to enjoy the game like myself, other players in the lobby were saying "no hes not hacking", "he sucks what do you mean" and so on.


      Although it is true that he wasn't doing abnormally good, like I said, he was locking on to peoples heads with a sniper, the killcam showed his gun snapping very quickly to a head far out of his initial field of view.


      But the people in the lobby, be it either them just being jerks, or if they were actually oblivious the the blatant aimbotting, where just playing along like he wasn't hacking.


      It just goes to show that this game is so far gone that people feel hackers are the norm.






      That's just poor...




      Why can't we host and manage our own servers yet?.....




      Why doesn't this s*** ever end?.........

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          Re: Why are we STILL dealing with hackers?

          Is is pretty sad indeed. For any game that does not have public dedicated servers the only way to get away from the hackers is to stop playing the game... That's what I did. From now on any game that comes out my friends and I are not buying it unless it has a free downloadable dedicated that we can admin on and ban hackers and trolls.


          Thankfully there are a lot of new games coming out that have free dedicated servers for the community. It's about damn time devs learned that the console-ization of PC games is a bad choice for any MP game.


          BTW, I have a sneaking suspicion that sales for the next game won't be near as much as they are anticipating... let's see what happens shall we

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            Re: Why are we STILL dealing with hackers?

            It's because there are large guild/clans that have been dedicating themselves to modding & creating cheats for PC FPS games for over a decade. There are loads and loads of cheaters in PC platform! And giving dedicated servers for these people to control doesn't help. it's basically the same outcome because of how many people actually use cheats on PC.


            They are in large clans and when they are together playing they stick to a motto of (no one cheats!) or (no one is cheating!) many of them don't use cheats every round but one of their friends will and when you say something they wait to call you out and make it about (you are dumb and this is a better player)


            Like i said the problem is (the large amount of PC gamers who play to use cheats) there are groups of cheaters this is why you get little to no help at all when you spot a cheater. It's obvious many PC gamers are on the wrong side of the fence. Because you/me/anyone just can't be that dumb not to notice a cheat when someone is snapping headshots to targets unseen but also be smart enough reply to someone who does notice it saying-> (he's not cheating!). That just makes absolutely no sense.

            A player who knows nothing about cheating or who doesn't cheat wouldn't respond (like he knows better) when your calling out someone who is "snapping" head shots. Your obviously being messed with by cheaters in this awesome PC community. We are loaded to the gills with em. I'm affraid this is what PC gaming is about. "cheating". It sure looks that way.

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              Re: Why are we STILL dealing with hackers?

              Not entirely true Mr_Pistolero. I am in a pretty big clan, and we are aggressively anti-hacking. If any member has a VAC or PB ban, or any kind of history of hacking, in any game, they are out of the clan. Period. We then pass this info to all other friends in other clans. If we catch anyone on our dedi' servers, their guid's are passed on to devs and they are added to the ban lists.

              A lot of us have been gaming 10-20+ years, and its sad to see that kids (mainly) are unable to play without cheating. I don't care if I lose, or get a crappy KD, if I'm against good opposition. Getting wallhacked or aimbotted by some pre-pubescent scrote from 'Mother Russia' or 'Der Fatherland' totally p*sses me off. Hence, now playing more Black Ops 2, because its under more control than Ghosts. A shame, because I like Ghosts. With any luck, the people at In-Activision responsible for this monumental F**k up will enjoy their new jobs in Quickie-Mart, or what ever they have in the U.S.

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                  Re: Why are we STILL dealing with hackers?

                  OGHF wrote:


                  Not entirely true Mr_Pistolero. I am in a pretty big clan, and we are aggressively anti-hacking. If any member has a VAC or PB ban, or any kind of history of hacking, in any game, they are out of the clan. Period.


                  That's your biggest mistake. Your relying on a system(s) that don't work. Just because you don't allow those people who have been caught by PB or VAC on to your team doesn't mean you don't have many members in your clan using cheats.


                  If you guys aren't actively scrutinizing your own players (playstyle) (how do they find the enemy) (how did they get their kills) then your really not doing much.


                  (does a player on my team always "snap"e.g (turn quick and stop dead) right near the target just before the kill?, whether there was sound or not or the enemy is on uav or not? is the same pattern repeated for your "so called" legit player more than not?)


                  Also (just because a teammate hears a sound doesn't mean a perfect "snap" should follow every time turning him and stopping him dead right next to the target. and then in killcams you see they also land next to you when you are behind the wall with the same distinct pivot (same exact turn speed etc etc etc). Again if your admin/owner isn't scrutinizing your players and looking out for this BS then most likely many MANY players on your team can and are getting away with using cheats in your clan.



                  In  reality the cheaters biggest ally are those 2 failing systems you've mentioned.


                  If your admin has never kicked out anyone on your team for cheating who doesn't have a vac or pb ban on account in 10-20 yrs of gaming. Then he's not doing anything against cheating. That's a fact

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                      Re: Why are we STILL dealing with hackers?

                      haha not always, I can snap on to people pretty damn quick... almost at an inhuman speed. hence my 34% accuracy... (ranked around 4600 right now). But I usually use snipers, and I usually follow through, as in my aim swoops by a person and I fire at just the right time, and my sighs continue past the target, aimbots don't do this, that's my hack accusation protection.  


                      In fact I can run many headshots in a row if I try.... people get really suspicious when I pull off 22 headshots in a row, that's my record, though that was back in BO1.

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