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    Wii still freezing for others?

      I get a lot of musician request on the wii but when I try to add them my wii freezes and makes that annoying beeping sound that goes on FOREVER until I shut it off. This happened to my mw3 game too but only 2 times or so. WoR freezes everyday I play. It also freezes when ever I choose a specific song like Bat Country and Waidmanns Heil.  I deleted my data on my wii for GH as well to see if it helps though it still freezes...Bleh. Anyone found the solution to this day?  :/

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          Tell me what year you purchased your wii and where so I can help you

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              Been having it for about 2-3+ years and not to sure from what store :/ My Wii is pretty old so I was guessing that's one of the reasons for freezing. Though I can't get my head around on why it never happened to GH5.

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                  It could be possible because the disc-writer inside the Wii can be damaged, which common happens on old Wii's. I had the same problem, but I couldn't even skip the intro, when the Demigod begin fighting the Beast. I bought a cleaner kit, and that won't work. Also I tried to buy a new disc, but also that wasn't the solution. Strangely it only happens when I play Gh WoR. The only solutions you have are:

                  - Buy a new Wii (I recommend to buy the newest one, not a used one. New Wii is between 60 - 90 Euro/Dollar)

                  - Stop playing WoR and play other (Guitar Hero) games you have.
                  - You can also buy a cleaner kit, maybe it helps, but it didn't work for me, so that's hoping for pure luck...


                  If none of these solutions help, I recommend to contact the Nintendo Customer Service & also the store you bought the Guitar Hero game.

                  Nintendo Customer Service: http://www.nintendo.com/corp/contact.jsp


                  I hope this helped you a bit

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                try deleting a couple friends you play online with. you have too many. once you do that it wont freeze when you add others. hope it helped. catch ya online.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    HALLNASS

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                  The freeze up WAS related to the import of Smash Hits back when WoR was released. You might have to delete that import off your WoR and restart the game to clear it up. They [ACTI] were never able to find out why or offer a fix to this very common Wii issue. After many users tried to find a solution. the 'fix' of SH deletion was really the only way to stop it, sorry to say. It had something to do with songs that were duplicated on both SH and DLC or on other discs that made the Wii freak out because there were two files for 1 song. Good Luck!

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                    I had the same problem with my wii and I sent it in for repair to nintendo but they sent me a new one without

                    really explaining what the problem was .. in my opinion do not even know how to explain them, but from what

                    I understand and found on the internet is a problem of the server GH and COD especially!

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                           I had this happen tons of times and I sorta experience the same prob as you are. I tried to add like 3 people to my musician's list. but then the whole thing freezes and glitches. After that, the screen turned all microchip-like and the annoying beeping sound comes on. I had to turn it off and restart it, but it kept happening for 20 mins. So,  I  left my Wii alone for the whole night.experienced


                           One thing that would help you is that you can turn off your Wii when it does that and then leave it alone for a couple of hours.