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      Does COD ghosts need a online pass for any of the consoles. I'm not talking about the season pass

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          Ehhh... no?

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            A what?

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              Free to play online. Nothing needed beyond a Nintendo ID (also free) and a copy of the game.

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                  that and zero hackers are why i bought a wii u. ghosts was completely hacked on every other console day one of launch.

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                      When he says online pass he means the thing that EA use. I remember last year, I bought BF3 and it was a used copy with no online pass code, and I had to pay £8.00 to get one just to play online, same with Tiger Woods golf. They dropped it this year for BF4, you still need one, but it auto downloads from the game and its free.


                      Ive played ALL 3 consoles for long spells on blops2 and ghosts and the differences are quite outstanding


                      WIIU - No hackers, and motion controls are plus points, but the tiny community, horrendous lag, and no map packs are why I left. Last time I played there was 1200 players online, in just 3 modes, and I was playing the same players over and over.


                      XBOX - Usually 120`000 online blops2, 80`000 ghosts, game plays ok in the main, but still laggy as hell at times, especially in ghosts. The map packs are worth every penny as its adds immense longevity to the game, as does thousands of players in every mode. Voice chat is VERY low so much so that I cudnt hear people in the lobby, im still playing after nearly 2 years. A big incentive was the maps 1 month early, BUT as someone wise told me, they actually use the XBOX as guinea pigs to iron out the flaws in the maps and then theyre fixed for the release on ps3 and pc. XBL is expensive for what it provides. I had a few issues and support where no help, also limited things you can do with your dlc, ie locked to the 1 tag, and once anything goes wrong with your console its gone forever.


                      PS3 - Moved over last week from xbox due to a mess up, sold my xbox with all the dlc, gamertag etc and was planning on going to ps4 but lost my job inbetween so left me with no console. Not having to pay £40 for XBL made the ps3 choice easier.


                      Surprisingly , theres more on ps3, 190`000 on blops2, 120`000 on ghosts. The dashboard isnt as good as xbox, but thats it. DLC can be shared between gamertags on the console, which is great. The controller is better once you get used to it. Voice chat is very loud and clear. The blu ray drive makes ghost looks next gen, wheras on xbox its very dull (same tv and settings). It also plays dvds, lol  I get crazy lag spikes at times, but that happens on all 3, I think its more noticeable on ps3 as it generally runs better, then bang, lag spike.


                      FWIW, my kdr was 3.75 on wiiu, 1.02 on xbox and 1.61 on ps3. I did play just HCTDM on wiiu though, and im playing mainly HCKC on xbox and ps3, and im a tag collecter, hence the lower kdr.


                      All in all, the skillgap between all 3 is next to nothing, theres pros and cons for all 3, theres lag on all 3.

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                    No, Activision is not Electronic (****)Arts and Nintendo's online is 4 free

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                        Playstation`s online is free too, but you needed to pay for the online pass to play BF3 online and that era`s Tiger Woods game. It only changed in BF4, and it was £8.00. Think they stopped it coz of next gen and ps4 needing to pay for online, like xbox. Kinda backfired though as the vast majority still play last gen, inc me, and itll be a few years before the bigger percentage are next gen. Ghosts looks just as good on ps3 as ps4, and Titanfall is the same game on 360 as x1. Watchdogs looks the same too on every console.


                        Unless you have a great eye for detail, and very few have, and you have a top of the range tv, then you wont notice any difference.