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        370. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (6/3/14)

        I know you read that the spawn logic for domination was fixed, but I'm not really seeing where you read that. Here is exactly what Candy posted ...



          • Improved FFA spawn logic.
          • Improved TDM/KC/Cranked spawning logic.
          • Updated Blitz spawn logic for online matches.


        I'm not disagreeing or agreeing with you regarding whether or not spawns in Dom are messed up. I'm just pointing out that there was no mention of spawn logic being adjusted in Domination. If you're frustrated with Dom spawn logic, fine. But don't add to your frustration thinking they said they fixed something they didn't actually say they fixed.

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          371. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (6/3/14)

          seriously infinity ward fix the spawns asap..forget new dlc and weapon camos fix what needs to be fixed 1st..i seriously dont understand how i join a session in progress and spawn in and die instantly..i left the game because thats BS...i shouldnt be spawning into an enemy so he can get a free kill..thats freaking ridiculous

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            372. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (6/3/14)

            Additional Fixes

              • Adjusted Domination spawn logic to make it less likely for defenders to spawn near a flag if it is being captured.
            • this is what i read from apr 22..i might have misread it so sorry, but the spawn logic overall does still need to be fixed..i really dont understand why its still possible that i can spawn into and enemies sights and get killed instantly..this has been happening since the game came out and there's still no improvement from what i've experienced in game
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              373. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (6/3/14)

              I fell you pain, puertoricanguy9. My apologies for misinterpreting your post. I thought you were referring to the most recent "fixes."


              If, in fact, Ghosts' spawn system intentionally meant for a "revenge" type system to be an element of the game, I think the community would have better welcomed knowledge of the change in philosophy. I can see, however, how IW may not have considered it a change in philosophy but I'm not going to get into that.


              What I will get into, however briefly, is how to deal with it in the mean time (which is probably going to be for the rest of the Ghosts cycle). I've dealt with it as best I could by assuming it is going to happen. Either I will respawn in a manner that allows me to take out an opponent or two or the opposing team is going to respawn in a way that allows them a chance to take me out. Either way, knowing that it can happen, I try to get a feel for what will trigger a revenge spawn.


              From that perspective, I've noticed two trends. Whether or not I'm having a "good" match, the most opponent revenge spawns (where the enemy spawns in a position behind or nearly behind me) seem to occur when my team, at large, is performing very well AND I am somewhat removed from my team. For example, if I am sniping from behind the food wagon at the bottom of Stormfront and the majority of my team is up in the grassy area or across the street in the restaurant side and my team is winning? The opposing team will begin respawning on the bridge or just indoors from the bridge. To deal with this, I find myself glancing at the score regularly and/or opening the score screen. It is not 100% effective, but I win a lot more revenge spawn encounters by doing this than I lose.


              A second common trend I see is when I am on the losing team. If I am getting killed "a lot" (which, I think, is relative to a couple of things: how frequently my team is being killed and relative to how frequently the opposing team is being killed), then I see a huge jump in frequency of me respawning to a position that is dangerous for the opposing team.


              I deal with both situations as I describe above. Get a feel for how the flow of the battle is going. If things seem too quiet or too easy, I think you have better than a 90% chance of someone respawning from a revenge position. I think if your team overall is having a hard time, even if it isn't your fault, you have better than a 75% chance of respawning into a position enabling you to score a revenge kill.


              Except for SnD and Blitz, I've seen much the same regarding spawns. And the map, to me, doesn't seem to matter. I will add one more thing - from what I have seen, attempting to capture the third flag only makes the revenge spawn issues worse. A lot worse.

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                374. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (6/3/14)

                I love how you patch everything, but never patched the MTAR, that's a problem. What's the point in patching some stuff if you're ignoring a clear balance issue?

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                  375. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (7/1/14)

                  I think it is complete and utter horsesh*t that now there is no more OHK to the head with SMG, Assault or LMG. That is BULLSH*T!!!


                  ANY blow to the head should be a OHK. That is absolutely retarded!!


                  I have no problem with the body shots no longer being a OHK but headshot not longer a OHK? WTF!?!?!


                  EDIT: Oh but dont worry, to distract us from how retarded and full of sh*t this patch really is, they release more camos, pathches and other changes to uniforms. Like people want to keep paying more money for stupid stuff like that.


                  Well, I had enough of this blatant BS, Goodbye and good riddance Ghosts.

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                    376. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (7/1/14)

                    can you guys fix the private match spawns for tdm. because i been playing lately and they spawn right behind me and realy close

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                      377. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (7/1/14)

                      Strikezone Team Deathmatch spawn issue:

                      I killed two players who were at A dom from the front of Shop Counter near Plates. This is the post-KEM version of Strikezone. Two players then spawned directly behind me in the shop counter on both sides at the top of stairs that spawn after the KEM explosion. These were the same two players I just killed. I looked at mini map afterward and I do not understand why they wouldn't spawn Statue when there wasn't anyone there for miles.No one was in toilets. Almost all the action was happening in the bar and souvenir area. I had no time to react and I was lucky I even turned around because I was reloading. I watched the killcam and saw they spawned directly behind me and confirmed they were the players I just killed.


                      For my map references, click here: http://unofficialcallofduty.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/ghosts-callouts-strik ezone.jpg

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                        378. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (7/1/14)

                        That is the standard mo of how they work, break something worse than what it was, then hide it with micro dlc...because everyone likes micro dlc to try and milk more money out of them.

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                          379. Re: Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (7/1/14)

                          i had managed to get my nat type to open after port forwarding, but this last update has reset it to strict and i cannot get it open....... why do they screw everything up

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