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        130. Re: Why Some People Dislike Ghosts

        The maps are no bigger or more cluttered than any game other than bo2.

        I do commend you for admitting that you'd rather go back to the disaster that is bo2 than adapt. At least you're honest.

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          131. Re: Why Some People Dislike Ghosts

          There's been a lot of requests for bigger maps especially from some of the sniper boys, you can't have a entire game with just small fast paced maps because that just caters to one type of player and quite honestly it would get boring.  COD is at it's best with diverse maps, playstyles and guns


          I don't snipe but still enjoy large maps like Stonehaven, the devs have an impossible job of trying to please everyone with the maps and overall I think they've done a good job, I don't like every single map but no one person or group can have it all their own way.


          I agree that some maps are too cluttered, people have complained about clutter for a long time but nobody seems to listen, this might be the only point we agree on Doncartagena because I think BO2 is terrible.

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            132. Re: Why Some People Dislike Ghosts

            Why is it you say they focused on run n gun? I have no problems whooping badkids playing just how I want. No problems, apart from occasional lag. oh noes!


            But this is the best cod since cod 4. The feeling is the same for me with this one.  The COMMUNITY made it a runngun shitfest, thanks to treyarch, ADHD, and MLG. Those 3 are the problems. Get treyarch to keep their RNG population, and let players who know how to play that style properly, do so with competent teammates in their own fields.

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              133. Re: Why Some People Dislike Ghosts

              the main reason for me is the slow boring pace to most of the games

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                134. Re: Why Some People Dislike Ghosts

                the same can be said about a game with mostly big maps

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                  135. Re: Why Some People Dislike Ghosts

                  I don't like it because it brings down my IQ listening to most people in the game and reading some post. Two things I would like to see. First get ghosts servers and fix the lag. Second fix the spawn issues. I thought that maybe w/ the spawn delay in HC-TDM that they were working at it but NO. So they can't even get the spawns any better w/ a delay. The map sizes I like, the killstreaks are better than most. The camping well stop it, I just change lobbies. This has been around since CoD started. Oh and one other thing they can modify all the guns but they just can't seem to do anything about quickscoping. Yes its a game but I still have a problem when a sniper beats a, handgun,submachine gun or a shotty at close range.But at the end of they day, they got our money so they don't give a ####, and it's on to the next broke game they can screw us out of $60.00.

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                    136. Re: Why Some People Dislike Ghosts

                    i enjoy the game but i gotta admit when i first started playing it felt like i spent more time respawning than shooting, i got frustrated with the snipers because they could hit me from the other side of the map and i was useless with a sniper rifle,by the time id aimed down the scope the guy was either gone or i was respawning again, i was frustrated by rushers because they ran past shot me before i knew what was happening, if you cant beat them join them then beat em, i practiced with the sniper rifles til i got good, i used sub and assault til my reactions got quicker, i got to know the maps and now i can enjoy both styles of play, to be honest i think aiming down the scope and seeing your target go down is still the best feeling, i always play tdm and normally finish in the top 3 in every game, i dont really get any lag so i cant comment on that but for the respawns, its kinda hard to have places for people that are perfect to respawn because people from both teams tend to be scattered all over the map at any given time, the only way to fix it so you might not bump into someone is even bigger maps, so for me im loving the game, i think the maps are brilliant, the graphics are amazing, i love the character customisation, im not saying anyones right or wrong im just adding my thoughts

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                      137. Re: Why Some People Dislike Ghosts

                      Actually, I am far from sucking. The only reason I say the gun suck is because they're like the F2000 in mw2 (I thought it was a nice gun personally, though), it is usable, but compared to the likes of the Honeybadger, Remington, MTAR (I'll get to this little thing in a minute), Ripper, Maverick and probably one more I am forgetting. The problem is that certain aspects of the guns are op, which give them an upper leg in a situation where they shouldn't.  the MTAR is just OP all around. good accuracy, ridiculous drop time, mobility, etc, as well as the laser m27 IAR. That's really the only stuff I hate getting killed by. If someone kills me with an ARX-160, I'll be like "Alright, whatever" but with the Mtar and the laser I can't help but facepalm.


                      what is your idea of "skill" anyway? Using unfair tactics to better yourself? I play well and have a good KDR on every COD game (Except for MW2, it was my first COD and I have so many kills and deaths that it would take forever for it to go back up)


                      cod4: 1.25 (A solid 3 on pc, before my profile got deleted due to a virus)

                      Mw2: 2.94 (on pc, my xbox kd is screwed.)

                      Mw3: 1.22

                      Ghosts: .95 and it goes up around the area of .05 every day, So I am expecting it to get to above one in one or two days.



                      I stand by the maps sucking. I'm pretty good at almost every map (Except for chasm and freefall, I suck on those.) It's not so much the design on the maps, it's the size. The only map that it just horrible to the core is freefall. The main problem is size.


                      I do well across different play styles as well, I can rush really well, use a marksman rifle scoped or a sniper well, I do very well with a stealth class, and i can adapt to a new play style fair easily once I get myself positioned correctly, which thanks to Marathon being my favorite perk of choice on any class in this game, is not that difficult. I usually can get a solid 9 or 10 killstreak before I die in most cases, and what a big surprise that it's always an mtar or m27 IAR.


                      I don't suck, but to you I may because I don't want to use something that gives me an unfair advantage, but you and many other probably gulp that up don't you? I'd be willing to bet you have an m27 IAR with thermal and grip class, and a Golden MTAR class, judging from the way you try to belittle me. (In vain)

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                        138. Re: Why Some People Dislike Ghosts

                        For one thing it is a game there is no such thing as unfair advantage. Everything is fair in war. There are no rules of fairness in engagement in online games. Just those with over developed sense's of fair play and sportsmanship like to think there is or should be; but in truth there is not and never was, nor ever really will be except in the minds of those that want to believe in it.

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                          139. Re: Why Some People Dislike Ghosts

                          The whole COD app complaint is pretty minuscule..........

                          I mean Windows 8 PCs have it, not just smartphones.


                          Spawning is always bad,worse in ghost, but still.

                          Don't know how you have lag,I have 40mbps internet and get horrible lag once a week or so.


                          Other than that, not sure why you hate big maps and you can't run and gun all the time.


                          "All that's left is the hacking, modded 15 year olds like this guy who sit and spawn kill everybody"

                          That's a really ignorant remark.

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