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        680. Re: We need Spawns feedback!

        might i make a suggestion to you guys the wonderful cod developers why don't you guys ust make two zones on the map that everyone spawns into and that the enemy team can not get into that is how it is on battlefield and it would stop spawn trapping forever

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          681. Re: We need Spawns feedback!

          because COD maps are a lot smaller than BF maps and people notoriously spawn trap in BF with spawn zones as it is.

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            682. Re: We need Spawns feedback!

            Stonehaven Dom


            full lobby




            if your team ends up with only controlling B, every member spawns in the castle. not technically a spawn trap issue, but it makes it tough to get out of the castle and regain control of the game.


            It is well known in SH that a team should never take B. that to me, is poor spawning logic.

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              683. Re: We need Spawns feedback!

              I would like to address the entirety of Free Fall. That maps has the worst spawns by far.

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                684. Re: We need Spawns feedback!

                Since your maps are small enough put a spawn system that spawns players away from enemies at all times I mean it's not like any of the maps except Stonehaven and Siege are too big anyways. For Stonehaven and Siege just add two more team spawn areas it's that simple.

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                  685. Re: We need Spawns feedback!

                  hey m8, first want to say thx for taking the time to give some insight into how the spawn could work...have to say i'm sry, as my english skills ain't the very best, but believe understood most things right and sry for the things i may not...as what i guess i understood i believe that there is much truth in your words and also believe that the biggest problem could probably be the players rather than the spawn-system...also wouldn't disagree that spawning was ever not the best, but nevertheless can't believe that it couldn't be a little better...i'm maybe the most unlucky person in the whole universe, but what i experience from time to time with the spawns is even hard to believe for people that know me for a long time now...since game came out i ever tried to be patient, always trying to adapt to the spawn-system and believe that nevertheless do very good...even on the worst days i give my all to end games positive, no matter how much i get f****d up by the spawning, but there are often also times i simply can't stay calm, as it can be so frustrating, what i think is human...also, since last patch came out i experienced crap over crap, but still tried to stay calm and patient, trying to accept that creating a perfect spawn-logic is surely impossible, but as said, even if impossible i nevertheless believe that there must be ways to make it better, as i also believe that it also was stupid then to implement revenge-spawns, as they surely not help to make it better and are truly a bigger fail to implement into a system that already has flaws...


                  i'm no expert in spawn-logic nor spend time to think about it, but after what i experienced, again, can't believe that this can be the best option and best possible...


                  had a game, where i joined an already running game, pressed x (ps3) for load-out, spawned in and got immediately killed the same second i joined, just to get 4 times more killed in a row, killed 5 times since joined, in only 5 seconds!!! how not getting frustrated?? got spawned on ignition, into the fire of the rocket, the moment when this dynamic element started to burn, just to get flame-grilled!!! spawned on i.m.s., so near that even with the explosive protection from spawning didn't help to survive, spawned in knife-range of enemies, knifed before i even realized what's going on, spawned and killed so fast, that i see my character falling to ground, the same moment when spawned, so fast that i even could see him stand for a mili-second, killed so fast in a row that i sometimes saw my characters name (killed by xxx) written twice on the text up on right corner at the same moment!!! spawned ok at stoneheaven, just to get spawned then from one moment to the other away from m8s, right into the middle of 4 enemies after death to get killed again without ANY chance to react...on a big map like this!!!


                  trust me m8, you may think i exaggerate, but that's the truth and as i consider myself a very good player who does nevertheless well i most times just swallow my anger...but as this happens too often, there are times i simply can't!! and again, as spawns were ever terrible i'm nevertheless absolutely sure that my anger never was that big as now in ghosts and simply can't accept that there can't be a better solution...as said i'm not an expert for spawn-logic, but when writing here on this thread with that record-like amount of feedback, it seems to prove that somethings really wrong, so i do in hope that the devs may find a better solution...idk what it could be and to give spawn-protection by invincibility or going back to old system isn't what i'd like to see, but as said hope, that there has to be a better solution!


                  again, thx m8 for your insights, as you spoke reasonable...but as one can't influence other players how they should do, it has to be on IW, the ones who absolutely know about the system, to find solutions and that's what i hope for....


                  and sry for my crappy english-skills, but hope that i was able to bring my thoughts a bit to the point...thx

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                    686. Re: We need Spawns feedback!

                    wont ever happen for the rng players would cry it would ruin the game for them.

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                      687. Re: We need Spawns feedback!

                      I love the spawn system.  I just love when I spawn once in while in front of gun from someone in the other team pointing at my head, lovely. Yes, the spawn system is better.  I have notice very small diffirence from other COD games. I wonder how many spawn trappers are here to make sure it never changes.


                      Once I played a game with spawn trappers. I ended up playing one game after another because it was so much fun seeing people joining and quiting. I just hater being the victim.


                      P.S. I hate the phone app, worst idea ever. I want access to everything from within the game. If wanted to spend time on my phone, it would not be for this game. All those hits on the site are false statistic by forcing people to do it. This COD Ghost is the mark of COD taking a turn for the worst. Move towards MW2 and make that game better, thats where the millions are waiting.

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                        688. Re: We need Spawns feedback!

                        yes, death to the app.

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                          689. Re: We need Spawns feedback!

                          Hate the phone / tablet app. It takes up more space after every update (May not be the same for everyone). Its buggy, telling Clan's they are MAX level before they actually are. Don't get me wrong Elite wasn't great and seemed to get worse after each update but it was much better for Clan wars   Firstly, You could see which members had made an effort & which ones were inactive. Secondly it was on the console free of charge. There are still a lot of people that don't have a tablet or have a phone that allows this app... I don't think they should have to go out and buy one either, I thought the app was supposed to be for everyone?! Not the case at all.

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