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    Clan Tag on Ghost Not Red!

      Our clan is level 25 and cannot rank up no further. We go around in and out of lobbies and see other clans at the same level with red clan tags. I checked our app and it shows on the app that our clan tag is red. On the game it will not change form gold to red and hasn't changed like it was suppose to for to months....since we reached level 25. How do we get our clan tag red on the game?

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          Re: Clan Tag on Ghost Not Red!

          If your clan is "US United", as I believe it is, you don't have your in game red tag yet, because you still have over 100K in cxp to go to reach Max level, "level 26".  You can verify this for yourself in game by going to barracks and viewing your clan details.  The COD app will show a red tag once you reach level 25, but only when you reach Max level (level 26), with no cxp remaining to go, will you get the red tag in the game. 

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            Re: Clan Tag on Ghost Not Red!

            Is it only showing red in the app and not in game?

            If yes, you can try to do this troubleshooting steps:

            - Log out your account from the App

            - Uninstall the App

            - Turn off your mobile device

            - Turn on your mobile device then install the app

            - make sure there are no other devices that is connected to the internet to avoid possible data corruption

            If it is in game: Go to Multiplayer > Play Online/Xbox Live > Go to Create a Soldier > Press square(PS) or X(xbox) then select Clan tag.

            - use custom clan tag then play multiple matches

            - exit the game and turn off console

            - remove console from power brick for 2-3 minutes

            - restart console then launch game

            - check the clan tag again



            Hope this helps, mate!

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