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    I create a perfect FPS game control scheme for Wii remote

      Hi , I'm from Taiwan.


      I think this will end the war of 「controller and mouse keyboard which one is better

      for shooting game ? 」 .



      My English skill is bad , but I try to translate to English,

      if you can't figure out my meaning you can read the chinese version.



      Use Wii remote and Nunchuk for example .


      1:  Control Stick : walk ; B button : fire


      2 : When you "not hold A button" , the camera is fixed ,

           Wiimote point to the screen to move the cursor ,

           like on rail shooting game.


      3 : If the cursor move out of screen , set cursor to the center of screen.


      4 : When you "hold A button" , "lock cursor on the place you hold A button"

           Now switch to use the gyroscope to turn around the camera in 1:1 ,

           like this http://youtu.be/wpyCgUZ96BE


      5 : 1:1 is the most natural ratio , but it's hard to turn over 90 degree ,

           you can set the ratio to 1:2 , but it's hard for beginner.


           So we can add the inertia to camera turning,

           like the usaul touch screen interface , then we can easily to turn over 90 degree.


      6 : To prevent inertia turn over 180 degree ,

           we need to stop camera when it turned 180 degree.


      7 : IF you lock cursor and Wiimote point out of screen , then you release A button ,

           this situation don't set cursor to the center of screen .


      Ok it's the all detail of my design.

      This is the most natural FPS control design ever !





      1: 類比桿為人物行走,B鍵為射擊鈕。


      2: 一般「A鈕放開」的情況,視角為「固定不轉動的狀態」,這時利用「指向功能」的準心可以射擊畫面中的任何位置,可以充分發揮指向射擊的優勢。


      3: 當「準心移出畫面」時,將準心「置於畫面中心」。


      4: 當「按住A鈕」時,將「準心固定」於「按下A鈕時指向的位置」,進入「使用陀螺儀1:1轉動視角」的模式(如同http://youtu.be/wpyCgUZ96BE),這時就像一般的做法一樣,是轉動視角來進行瞄準。





      5: 「1:1轉動」的比例最為直覺,但由於人類肢體限制,想轉動超過90度較為困難,雖然只要將比例調高(例如1:2)就可以解決,但卻會增加上手難度。






      6: 一般遊玩情況下,每一次視角的轉動角度不會大於180度,也就是正後方,但是慣性轉動容易轉過頭,所以可以在慣性轉動180度之後,立即停止,以防止轉過頭。


      7: 如果將準心固定轉動視角後,Wii遙控器沒有指向螢幕,這時放開A鈕準心不置於畫面中心。



      這個設計以「固定準心位置」的方式,將「使用陀螺儀1:1轉動鏡頭」與「指向瞄準」兩樣最容易理解的操作結合,再加上「慣性轉動鏡頭」來輔助,成為了最「直覺」的操作方式 。

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          Re: I creat a perfect FPS game control scheme for Wii remote

          Han527 wrote:



          I think this will end the war of 「controller and mouse keyboard which one is better

          for shooting game ? 」 .


          No, the war ended long ago. If the Wii remote users could use all the weapon attachments as fluently as the DA users then there would defiantly be no question as to what the better controller is. Until the Wii remote gets the full support it should be getting then there will always be a place for DA users in the Nintendo version of this game. If the game developer don't start supporting his game then less people will be buying it, example of 007 Wii U had no wii remote support and nobody bought it.

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