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    Will turned or greif effect my kd?


      i enjoy both games but, turned obviously ruins your kd, and in greif i will down myself if im the last person alive to keep the game going and get more kills. will these game modes have an effect on me getting the shotgun rank?

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          If you plan on ranking up then do not play Turned. Downs count as deaths in Turned.

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              DO NOT play turned, because downs do count. I checked and had 10 downs after the game. If anyone says that 3arc have changed it - they haven't.


              they count grief too. Don't down yourself to continue  the match. A win on grief is positive. Also if you win with no downs that is so much better for your kd than winning with more kills but 10 downs. There often aren't enough zombies in the round to kill to make the extra down viable - but it depends on how high the round is,

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              Turned or Grief downs does not count towards ranking up. But it does show up on your leaderboard that's why some people have crap KD but have shotguns.

              No one has proven KD is how you rank up. It does play a part for ranking up but KD is not the only stat that makes you rank up.

              When I first got my Shotguns I was on minimum for obtaining them so if I have a couple of below average games I would lose them. I would obtain them by having a couple of real good games.

              Just as I had my shotguns I was playing Grief a lot on MOTD. I would have games where the games go on for ages as I am not a quitter I would keep playing the most I've ever gone down in one game was 57 times and not once I ever got deranked.

              Plus there was a patch for this as players were getting annoyed that the downs were counting towards rank.

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                when you go to the right of your name you have versus stats and co-op stats. Versus stats are grief and turned. Co-op is survival.


                Versus stats don't count towards ranking up.