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    (Xbox 360) (Pub stompers) ( Competitive ) Recruiting for D4Rk Embacy clan ! Must be active and have a KDR of 2.0 or higher.

      I am currently recruiting for D4Rk Embacy. We are an active clan that plays both competitive and just regular pubs. We are good at both and we play ANY gamemode. We won our last clan war in 1st and are looking to do it again. We are looking to grow with good players and everyone in the clan has a kd of 1.6 or higher ( more than half the players in our clan have a 2.0 kd or above )

      Our clan kd is a 2.06 and win percentage is 61 %

      If intersted you must have the following requirements.


      · Have a KD of 2.0 or higher


      · You have to 15 or older


      If interested in joining contact me on 360


      My gamertag is D4Rk Ellusion.