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    Egg-stra Devastation! won't unlock for me

      I shot all 4 egg clusters on all 4 multiplayer maps (twice to be sure) and I watched the counter go all the way up to 4, then I started up a game of Mayday and did the first hive and no achievement. These were all on Xbox Live public matches the EXACT same way I got the other two Egg XP achievements. However this one seemed to glitch out. Anybody know what I can do to unlock it?


      Things I have tried:

      - Shooting all eggs again

      - Playing a solo xbox live game

      - Playing other maps and then coming back

      - Uninstalling everything and reinstalling

      - Deleting my local saves

      - Turning off the Xbox One

      - Hard resetting the Xbox One

      - Signing out and signing back in


      Any help would be appreciated!


      I MAY have gotten the XP boost but no achievement along with it, leading to my thinking it's glitched. I have followed all the steps to obtain this multiple times.

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