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    Suddenly cannot connect to Black ops 2 PC servers - Please help

      Hi there,


      Worked forever and then suddenly did not connect yesterday. Issue still persisting.


      Have the error code 43.0.-1 in upper right corner.  Nat is open.  when I click "online" it hangs "getting information from steam" and then 30-45 seconds later, cannot connect to black ops servers etc..

      Have turned off antivirus, reset router partially and fully, tried both dynamic and static ip's, port forwards, verifying steam integrity, downloaded game 3 times, reinstalled steam.

      The only thing that moderately worked was turning a vpn on and trying from a different (united states or UK)  location.  Nat went to moderate though and was unplayable and so was ping. 

      Please fix this! I have tried everything that can be tried to no success.

      My geographical location is BC, Canada.



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