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    Xbox360 CoD Black Ops 2 server is not availeble. second day already

      Im using  Xbox360 and I'm having a problem with call of duty blacks op 2 server. Its the second day and it wont connect, it  always give me the same error "call of duty server is not available at this time.Please try again later or visit ".  It doesn't matter if i try to connect to zombies or multiplayer mode, always give me same error.


      I have already done the followed things and all this thing did not helped.

      1. restarted my modem/router
      2. hardware reseted my modem/router.
      3. tried with a static and automatic ip.
      4. opened the nat ports (
      5. called my internet provider to know if they changed something with the settings of the modem/router, but they didn't do anything with it.
      6. wiped cashed memory on xbox 360
      7. Tried another game black ops 1, but still the same problem.


      Does someone have a idea how i can resolved this problem ?

      Thanks for ur ideas, sollutions.

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