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        60. Re: Call of Duty® Ghosts Clan XP & Rewards FAQ

        Thanks dude, will definitely check it out. Hope to get the visual aspect of the FAQ more linear next time around in the upcoming War, wish I had taken screen caps throughout the war over just one node to show how values changed over time.


        Very difficult to reduce everything down to keep it simple for new guys to understand how it works. Spent SO much time while organizing parties with my members to explain how it works during the Clan War. Gets rather annoying quick. Especially when they don't have the ability to look at the app, see the lay of the land and how it works. Hope to have this as a requirement for all my members to read in our competitive division to help reduce confusion.


        Seems like the best strategy after the initial rush to capture nodes is to ALWAYS target neutral nodes when available, immediately switch modes when a node goes neutral if you're working to knock down defenses. If none are neutral just look for the one that can been attacked easiest, least amount of defenses or speed, like its much faster to get 20 cranked wins than 13 domination wins. Plus then value comes into factor, if a node keeps exchanging hands, it becomes worthless, saw the small TDM node go down to only 4 CP. So then it starts coming down to letting the clans NOT in the top 3 keep nodes until they increase in value, but if a clan that is fighting with you for top 3 has it, work to capture it immediately to prevent them from getting CP every 4 hours.

        Anyways, sure will be a project to write down all the strategies but this was a start! Thanks again!

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          61. Re: Call of Duty® Ghosts Clan XP & Rewards FAQ

          Those are all good tips, I absolutely agree.

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            62. Re: Call of Duty® Ghosts Clan XP & Rewards FAQ

            FFirstly , great work apollo!

            Can't work out out why devs/ mods didn't do something like this?!?!


            i Have a question for you and other members; we are still getting extra clan xp for the nodes we captured last clan war. Usually it only goes for around 24 hours after clan war finishes.

            IS anyone else still getting or should I say still showing up extra clan xp in yellow on the playlists?



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              63. Re: Call of Duty® Ghosts Clan XP & Rewards FAQ

              Thanks dude! Not sure why either! Hate how they make you figure it out on your own. If I only knew that large amounts of Clan XP was earned during Clan Wars for top 3 I would have been pushing harder for my community before. Worked our butts off to earn our Gold Tag BEFORE Clan Wars started. We never got a CW win until the last two in a row (finally opting into Diamond).


              Basically we restructured into two divisions (two separate clans) we had a 80 member clan with low participation in CW so it made it impossible to get a 1st place finish, so as a Clan Leader I didn't bother trying to get 2nd or 3rd because I thought the only reward was the body count gear for 1st. Many times we could have gotten a top 3 finish but didn't think it was worth it for just a patch! We could have had our Red Tag if that information was readily available!


              Anyways, to answer your question, in the last two wars, the only two that we finished in 1st with HELD nodes at the end, I noticed that the XP bonus REMAINS until the next Clan War starts. I haven't loaded up the game today, but pretty sure we still have it like shown in the screenshot on the FAQ. We had all nodes held at the end of the War.


              I had heard from another Clan in-game that if you held all nodes at the end of a CW you got Double Clan XP for the win, so instead of 250,000 Clan XP for a Platinum win, you'd get 500,000 Clan XP. BUT I can confirm this is FALSE. Must have been some misinformation spreading around.


              Working to do my best to collect all the information there is out there so other clans can learn from our mistakes and triumphs! Why they didn't provide a full list of rewards and benefits of Clan Wars is beyond me. You think they'd want more players to get involved!

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                64. Re: Call of Duty® Ghosts Clan XP & Rewards FAQ

                Well , this is the first time that we have had the 25% extra xp last for more than 24 hours(give or take) after the clan war! We have always had at least 1 node captured at the end of every clan war since it started, besides the 1 time we went diamond. We didn't capture any nodes in the diamond clan war for two reasons. The first reason was I couldn't get enough clan members to participate in the time zone as we are an Australian clan and the second reason was that 1 clan had captured all the nodes in the first 2 hours of the clan war.

                I think I might try to contact activision on this as if we are suppose to get the extra clan xp for the nodes we hold at the end of the clan war to the start of the next clan war, we have missed out on some clan xp.


                btw I started a thread some time back on if we can get a report on which clan members scored what during clan wars but still no answer.

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                  65. Re: Call of Duty® Ghosts Clan XP & Rewards FAQ

                  My clan still has the extra XP bonus. Pretty sure this only for individuals, like for your members, so you get extra regular XP to rank up your personal profile. Not Clan XP. Very doubtful that they would award you for past stuff. If they indeed did not have this for previous CW's, guessing this is a new feature. My clan's last two wars in Platinum have had the XP bonus the entire time in between.

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                    66. Re: Call of Duty® Ghosts Clan XP & Rewards FAQ

                    If someone is leaves a clan do they keep the clan patches or do they get locked?

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                      67. Re: Call of Duty® Ghosts Clan XP & Rewards FAQ

                      They keep the clan wars patches, but the emblems and backgrounds earned in clan wars, stay with the clan.

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                        68. Re: Call of Duty® Ghosts Clan XP & Rewards FAQ

                        When/will there ever be a Windows 8.1 version of this app to use on my surface tablet?

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