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    [XBOX 1] Diamond Division Clan Looking for Competitive + Active Members to Win Clan Wars [CLAM]

      The_Drunken_Clam [CLAM] is looking for active members on xbox 1 with the goal of winning clan wars and unlocking new items within the game. We are very competitive but like to have fun at the same time.


      Clan details:

      Level: MAX

      Division: Diamond

      Time Slot: Pacific: 7pm - 11pm PDT

      Members: 10

      K/D: 1.25

      W%: 59%

      - 1.2+ K/D (stats do not tell everything because of objective based games)
      - 1.3+ W/L
      - Mic
      - Active (especially for clan wars)
      - Willing to play different game modes during clan wars
      - COD app for communication/clan wars
      - US and European players welcome
      - Competitive and looking to win

      - Mature (no specific age requirement)

      Hit me up on this forum or on xbox via GT: "Turd McFurg"