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    [Xbox] [US&EU] [Sponsored] Looking for skilled Snipers for our Sniping Division


      About us:

      If your looking for an active, competitive, organized, dedicated, and friendly clan, then HybridNerdzGaming may be the clan for you. We are a tightly knit Level 25 Diamond Division clan with 30 members and a 1.95 average K/D ratio who have been together for over 8 months. We are based in the US, specifically on the east coast, but also have members from the UK and Europe. Our clan is in a sponsorship with @cinchgaming, @NoScopeGlasses and @BattleBeaverC and we are partnered with MX2Gaming and iOwnClan. Our clan is going to be starting our sniper division soon (once we have enough snipers) and we need some skilled snipers to be apart of it. We also have multiple competitive teams who play MLG Gamebattles and UMG matches (if you are interested in being on one of our GB teams or starting your own within the clan, please let us know in your application on our website). Our recruitment process is strict as we only accept members who have completed a tryout phase and who meet all or most of the requirements.



      If you are interested in joining, submit an application form on our clan website (http://hybridnerdzgaming.enjin.com/recruitment). If your application is approved, please introduce yourself to the rest of the clan in the main chat and let us know when you are ready to start your tryout.

      If you are interested in being on one of our competitive teams, please let us know where you are located (east coast, west coast etc) and your general times of availability

      If you are interested in being in our sniper division, please note it in your application and message Hybrd Coyote (head of the sniper division)


      If you are a clan that is interested in partnering with us, please reply to this thread with these details about your clan:

      - The primary system(s) that your clan operates on

      - Your clan's level, number of members, and average k/d ratio

      - Your clan's website (if applicable) and/or Twitter/Facebook Page

      - What is the minimum age requirement to be in your clan (if any)?

      - Does your clan have any competitive teams?

      - Some other details that make your clan stand out from the rest (tell me why your clan should be partnered with us)

      You can also check us out on Twitter (we have over 1.6k followers and growing fast) - @HybridNerdz

      My Gamertag: Hybrd Coyote

      My Timezone: Mountain

      My Stats:

      K/D: 2.2

      W/L: 10.0