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      We are a new clan that has just started up and have reached level 7 in about a week and are now level 8. Me and the lt commander used to be in a diamond division clan before but decided to create our own clan to find more people and enjoy playing with them. We have been demoted from platinum to gold division because of inactive players not playing during clan wars.


      Most of us have mics, it is not needed to join the clan but is preferred.


      We will accept anyone at all, we just want to build our clan up and have fun!

      We will accept anyone no matter your K/D unless it is ridiculously low, just add my PSN - killercallum919 or killcammorris or even reply below.


      The name of the clan is dooby destroyer so you could search us up on the app if you want but and I can't wait to hear back.


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