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    Call of Duty Elite for Black Ops 2

      I just paid my $50 to join Call of Duty Elite barely 30 days ago and now I got an email from them that I would not get DLC for BlackOps 2 with out paying $50 more. This is a rip off.


      Call of Duty Elite said online to hurry and get Founder Status on Call of Duty Elite. I had already downloaded DLC's 1 and 2 so I thought it would be cheaper to pay the fee and become a full member. I even had trouble purchasing it thru Best Buy. The package was on line and then a week later I had the money and tried to purchase it but it was gone from Best Buys web site so I called Best Buy and they had no idea why it was gone. I even Called Activision and they had no Idea why it was gone from their web site but told me I couls purchase a Sony PSN card and get it that way.


      No I know why they removed it from Best Buy. And why know one would tell me why it was gone but could tell me a work around to get my $50. It is so they could get $50 more for Call of Duty Elite II in order to get the new DLC!


      I paid $60 for the Game

      $15 for DLC 1

      $15 for DLC 2

      Got Smart paid the $50 for Elite Founder Status and got DLC 3 & 4.


      Thats $140 for  game that Lags so bad and Sony blames the Lag on my ISP, My ISP say nothing is wrong with their end, and Activision say that unfortunitly their is nothing they can do. The program can not match me with anyone else in my area so I get to Play people from Australia, Germany, England, Ireland, Mexico,East Coast and West Coast. I live in the South Central Part of the US.


      Now they $50 more for Elite and $60 for the game. and What do I get ? An empty wallet and a game that lags 1-2 seconds.