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    Un-official new evidence on Zombies rank (CLOSED)

      I have taken down this thread. I realised that what I posted was not allowed. Please don't bump this back up anyone!


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          Re: Un-official new evidence on Zombies rank

          Ok. He finished one game of die-rise co-op on round 50. He had two downs and eight revives. Also 15 perks drank. He got to skull rank. He also got no kills, maybe these factor in as well?

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              Re: Un-official new evidence on Zombies rank

              All stats count for the rank, opening doors, drinking perks, reviving, etc this is easy to spot when looking at the whole leaderbord, all stats go up except downs and deaths which in fact drag you down for balance.

              Youtube players are useless from my experience, they play the game a few times and move on to the next game they dont return to play it again, i have met far better players then those posers, also a lot of them run mods.

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              Re: Un-official new evidence on Zombies rank

              Please don't say, "I knew this" or "A dev confirmed it!" because this is not directed at you. Also, we don't know for sure because it may be a mixture of things, but remember, NOTHING IS CONFIRMED.


              Also the people going to say, "a dev posted a 'cryptic' message on it." Yes, I know, and I still doubt it's legitimacy, mainly for the fact that a 2 year old could have deciphered that message.


              First off, it has been confirmed TWICE! that it is downs verus rounds, so obviously you can rank up without getting kills. Secondly, why would I listen to a Youtuber over an actual Developer? You say "NOTHING IS CONFIRMED", yet it actually has been confirmed, so...




              Who cares if a 2 year old could decipher Jimmy's tweet? The games season is over so there is no more secrets to be had, and it is not even a secret anyway... it is blatently obvious. You play like a beast you rank up fast... if you play like a noob your rank stays low until you improve. All other stats decide how fast your rank rises (or drops).


              I get that you have that have an affinity for RelaxingEnd, but don't push his short lived video series designed to keep him in the money during this extended off season as FACT over what a Dev say's... it just makes you look like deluded.

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                  Re: Un-official new evidence on Zombies rank

                  It's not that I have an affinity for him at all, sure, I enjoy watching his videos, but I'm not saying I believe him more than anyone else. People on these forums are still worrying about 'whether K/D matters' and all that sort of stuff even now. I couldn't care less, I got my shotguns months ago, but the reason I'm posting this is because it interests me, and it just happens to be he is posting this series. Whether or not it's for money, it's still pretty interesting, and it still shows legitimacy. Also, I've seen people get Shotguns beneath round 10, this may be because that extra 'kill' or another factor comes into play.


                  Do you still not find it a bit 'fishy' how that one tweet caused so much hype, yet we never got another one again? The zombies rank stuff just disappeared.


                  Also, just quickly, a mate of mine got his shotties before me at around the 215kd mark. I then kept playing, aiming for that mark, and after an Origins match solo I received them, yes the round was high (about 60), but I had an exact 216kd. Coincidence? I don't know.

                  And see what I mean? People are still having different opinions, I'm not denying yours, neither am I denying Vultures beneath me, but who can we say is EXACTLY right when we have no actual proof except for ONE dev who posted a tweet on a social media site!

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                  Re: Un-official new evidence on Zombies rank

                  K/D does not come into factor until you are skull rank! it is then K/D to decide whether you improve to knife rank which usually rests between the 70-100 margin, me myself got it as soon as I hit 70! and then shotguns is in the late hundreds past 150kd, they changed it so I don't know the current range. but its not about kd through the cross bone stages!

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