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    Should we tweak snd/snr?


      I Personally think, just an opinion, that riot shields and danger close should be banned in search. It just seems to me that it shouldn't be there. I may sound like I'm just a salty dude but I would also like to know the numbers for how many agree and disagree.

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          That's why they need to bring HC S&D back, the Riot Shield players would get "smacked" straight away, as for the Danger Close , well the my only hope for that would be, you shoot em first , they may let off a explosive , but they would dead as well,

          SnR - get rid of it!! 

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            Though I dont like them either, they shouldnt be banned. Yeah, its a cheap play tactic, but it isnt fair to ban them from the playlist.

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              If you play core search and destroy or rescue on a regulr basis you'll see that the riot shield and danger close is a game ruiner, this is solely my opinion but I invite anybody to play a few games on that playlist and when encountering players that use a riot shield or danger close to give their opinion on what they think is right

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                I only play search and rescue and yes I have a riot shield class set up one with kascet w/ danger close and another with bulldog w/ different perk set up.


                Most of the people I know who use riot shield is because they have nothing else to do.  We are all max prestige/not interested or already got gold guns and did everything else there is to do.


                Another reason we use it is just for a good laugh.  Hearing people rage is honestly hilarious.


                Also it really isn't that hard to kill a riot shielder, learn how to do it, and stop complaining.