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        Just got back and I thought it was wonderful, full of life, fun and a emotional especially at one moment with Groot, I shed a tear or two there. The action was lots of fun and very cool and they did a really good job of showing how these disparate characters come together and become friends and family. They did an amazing job of animating both Rocket and Groot and hard for me to believe that my favorite characters were Groot and Rocket when I was bashing Rocket last year. Both my daughters saw it and really liked it as well. Unfortunately for me I was not in a full theater as the fair is going on and the sun came out, but I thought it was pretty funny, but not hilarious. Maybe in a packed theater I would have laughed more as laughter can be contagious in large groups. Hawk for me the scene where they deepened the characters emotional beats seemed natural and not clunky, but I do agree with you wholeheartedly about the last scene. If I am going to stay through all the credits I want something that is really cool and that is not what we got at all, rather we got something really stupid and as most of you know the one Marvel character that shows up at the end I cannot stand, argh.


        This film was really, really good and makes it up there almost to the top. For me it is still Avengers and IM1 as the best, but GOTG is right up there with Cap 2 on tier two. Gunn did a great job and I am happy that Marvel is able to take this somewhat obscure group and make it a box office smash. It should gross close to or make more than 100 million domestically and that is fantastic for us and Marvel.

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          @Jad - Just call me "lowered expectations" Hawk, haha.  I would definitely skip the after credits scene if you go with your kids though.  It's really not worth it.


          @Iron - My theater was ridiculously packed.  I got there almost 30 minutes before the movie started and the only seats left were in the very first row and by the time the movie started almost the entire first row was full.  That said there wasn't a whole lot of laughter in my theater.  There were spurts like three or four times, but it wasn't like when I saw The Heat last year and the whole place was in stitches.  As I was walking out the kids in the theater were really excited by the movie though.

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            Loved the movie but did think I would laugh more as many reviewers and fans said they thought it was funny throughout. It was funny in some places for sure, but when he is dancing in front of Ronan and Ronan stops that was not funny at all. But overall they did a great job of blending the movie.

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              Hawk the Cynic strikes again! haha, well I guess someone had to not be blown away by it.  Just about every person I've talked to (from the people on here to my brother who went in expecting to hate it to random people at Target) thought it was awesome, so someone had to not be so impressed.  For me, it's right up there with Cap 2 for my favorite Marvel movie, possibly even edging it out.  Honestly, Guardians was my kind of story from the start, though.  It's a group of people outside the law coming together to bicker, argue, bond, and somehow save the world along the way.  It's basically the movie I'd make if I had a few hundred million dollars.  And directing experience.  It was just plain fun, light-hearted, and never took itself too seriously, even poking fun at itself all the time. 

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                @Iron - We must have high standards for humor.  Only the best crap and sex jokes will do, dammit!  Out of curiosity, what are some of your favorite comedies?


                @Rogue - Haha, it's not being cynical though.  It was a good movie that just didn't click with me, at least not on the level of some people.  I can get behind a team of outlaws and misfits, I love sci-fi, I love comedy, and I love Marvel, but it never came together for me.  I get what they were going for, but outside of Groot I could never like the characters.  Feel a little bad for em, yeah, but it didn't necessarily make me cheer for em or anything.  And like I said the comedy didn't work for me and didn't enjoy the first two acts as much as the third.

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                  Well Blazing Saddles is probably the movie i laugh at every time even though I know it inside and out. That is a movie that could not be made today bit it is hilarious. Caddy Shack is pretty funny, Vacation, Young Frankenstein, There is something about Mary, the first time, since then I don't laugh as hard, Dodgeball kills me, the first Anchorman, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World is really funny 60's comedy that I can watch again and again, Jonathan Winters cracks me up in that movie. I'm sure there are more but that is a sampling of what I like. But if you pressed me Blazing Saddles would be my fav.


                  Rogue everybody at my work or who used to work for me that I have talked to about GOTG really liked it even people I didn't think would like it. There must be something wrong with Hawk, lol.

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                    @Iron - Now that's an awesome comedy!  Love Blazing Saddles, I have it on blu ray and was just watching it the other day!  Mel Brook's incompetent governor is hilariou and the Gabby Johnson guy with the "authentic frontier gibberish", haha.  Love Dom Deluise's cameo at the end as the chorus director too.  You're right though that there's no chance that movie could be made these days.  I like Robin Hood: Men in Tights too and got a soft spot for History of the World Part 1.  There's some great bits in that.  "I bring you these fifteen...uh, ten!  Ten commandents!"  The little back and forth with Bea Arthur as the woman working in the unemployment office "Oh, you're a bulls-t artist!  Did you bulls-t last week?  Did you try to bulls-t?"  The big Spanish Inquisition dance number is great too.  The Vacation movies are great too.  Or, the first and Christmas are, anyway. Love Caddyshack too.  Some great jokes from Rodney Dangerfield and I always enjoy Bill Murray, especially when he was given as much free reign as he was in Caddyshack.  And ya also got Stripes, Trading Places, Coming to America, Airplane, Naked Gun, Planes Trains and Automobiles.  So many great comedies from that era.  I'm a big fan of sketch comedy like Monty Python and Kids in the Hall too.  My favorite movie is Ghostbusters though.  I can and have watched it probably a hundred times.  I heard they're gonna be releasing it this summer in theaters cause of the 30th anniversary and really wanna go.  Seeing it on the big screen would just be amazing.


                    Like you said, I'm the wild card, haha.

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                      Hawk I love, love, love Airplane, "I guess I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue", Lloyd Bridges was hilarious. It was genius how they picked him and Robert Stack, both serious actors and tough guys for those roles. I love when Robert Stack is on the radio with the guy and says "Have you ever been knocked down into mud and kicked in the face by an iron boot," crap. Blazing Saddles has more funny lines than any movie ever. I loved the guy who plays the governor's enforcer whose name escapes me, but he is great, "The J. Lapatime Tollway? What will that son of a ***** think of next. Somebody get me a shitload of dimes." Ted Knight is the funniest part of Caddyshack as Judge Smeels, oh my gosh. I like Monty Python too, the Holy Grail are you kidding me that is so funny. When Gallahad is at the nunnery and Lancelot is dragging him out, the Black Knight, the holy hand grenade, you can call me Tim, I mean it goes on and on.

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                        So, it looks like you CAN pre-order figures for Marvel Disney Infinity.  I got an e-mail today about a special Disney Infinity sale this Saturday and the ad has a big section that says you can pre-order your favorite figures.  So, I guess I should head on over to Gamestop and pre-order my Hawkeye!


                        @Iron - Don't forget Leslie Nielsen was a serious actor too before Airplane came along and completely changed his career path.  I love that gag where they have to inflate the autopilot dummy through a tube by the belt, haha.  And the drinking problem gags where he keeps spilling stuff.  Haha, what about the candy bar in the pool scene with all the kids freaking out and racing out of the pool cause they think someone crapped in the pool.  Then the cut to Bill Murray cleaning the pool and he casually picks it up and take a bit out of it.  Just love it.  "She turned me into a newt!...I got better", haha.  Holy Grail is amazing.  The Minstrels singing about Sir Robin bravely ran away, I'm not dead yet, women in ponds giving out swords is no basis for a system of government, the killer rabbit, the swallows carrying coconuts.  We could be here for days and still not list all the funny stuff from that movie.  I love the every sperm is sacred song from Meaning of Life and the sex education class with Cleese educating the kids on how to have sex and providing demonstration in that perfect dry British delivery, haha.  And all those classic sketches.  Hell's Grannies, Fruit Self-defense Class, the Upper Class twit of the year competition, the argument clinic, the dead parrot, the lumberjack song, the ministry of silly walking.  The Pythons just did a cool thing in June where they did a live performance in London which was streamed live to movie theaters in different countries, but sadly, none of the theaters near me were doing it.  I'm sure it'll end up on blu ray at least.

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                          Hawk don't forget "and they ate Sir Robin's minstrels, yay", lol. Yeah those movies have so many great moments and lines. They are funny throughout and that is something that I cannot say for a lot of today's comedies. They are very inconsistent with some good moments but not a consistently, laugh out loud, frigging funny comedy. I cannot think of the last comedy that I saw that I just lost it in the theater or watching at home. Love Monty Python Meaning of lIfe where the boy gets punished by having to play rugby with the masters, where these scrawny college kids are getting destroyed by the brawny professionals, hilarious or the line "You just don't go stampeding to the clitoris,". I noted that some of my comments are getting covered up, I mean really it is comedy guys, let it role.


                          If they tried to make Blazing Saddles today it would be a complete and utter outrage in social media, but that movie is genius.