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    PS3 High Rounds: From W@W to BO2

      Looking for people that play zombies at least once a week in their free time, doesn't matter how much they play, just someone with all the DLCs from W@W, to BO1, to BO2, and are somewhat skilled and have a good ping/NAT type, as well as a mic. It's really bad how I've found so many good and even more bad lobbies, with people who don't have a mic, and people who don't know how to play. It takes the fun and enjoyment out of zombies when people time out, or even rage-quit. So, I'm putting this out there for people who will and can play any map, even TranZit, for the fun of getting high rounds, and just playing to play. My PSN is GAMER6X, get back to me if you're interested!