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        690. Re: We need Spawns feedback!

        The whole game is off a lot needs to fix the join in Progress system when you play solo it will automatically spawn you into a match or say any match and game mode where you are put on the Loosing team about 75% of the time the game will find you a bad game.


        Now on to the Spawn System itself I was Playing Ground War on Unearthed out of 54 tries I went 29-26 on my K/D with a MTS-255 now I was doing fine early into the game then later I Started constantly spawning at C flag I don't know how many times I spawned there but half of the 26 deaths I ended up at C flag constantly in different corners this happened on other maps too.  and it will always be in Ground war mostly Domination that needs to be fixed

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          691. Re: We need Spawns feedback!



          Not sure if you are still looking at this thread before doing updates on spawns, but I HAVE NOTICED SOMETHING IN COMMON WITH ALL THE BAD SPAWNS. If you fix this one common issue, most of the bad spawns (and complaints) will likely go away.


          I recently posted a brief explanation to CANDY in the PS3 JULY 1ST HOTFIX THREAD. But here is a bigger explanation with examples...


          I think the game's idea of a spawn being IN SIGHT for someone, is flawed.


          I loaded the latest patch, selected TDM, and it put me in a game already in progress on Whiteout.

          I selected a class, and spawned in... I died immediately! I haven't even started to play!

          I watched the Killcam and found what happened.

          I spawned under the porch of the log cabin, and there was a sniper on the hill by the water wheel. A leaf from the tree was partially blocking view of the spawn for a split second as he strafed...


          A similar incident in Whiteout, TDM, full party 6 vs 4, PS3...

          I spawned (no exaggeration) in the CROSSHAIRS of a sniper less than half a second before he pulled the trigger.

          Yes, he was aiming for a person who was there already, and I spawned right behind my existing teammate as the sniper pulled the trigger, and it netted him a double kill. Seriously?! My team mate partially blocked view of my spawn from enemy "sight" as he ran by!


          Another example was 6v6 Octane TDM. There was a sniper camping at the back of the strip club on the top floor. He was watching the door where the two stairs meet. I spawned right in the middle of the club on the ground floor. My head literally pops into view on his screen and I am immediately shot in the back. My spawn was partially obscured by the railing of the inside balcony.


          I have seen a YouTube video, where a guy kills someone, turns around, and reloads; then during the reload animation his own arm or gun partially obscures the spawn point nearby, and someone spawns there before he finishes his reload.


          See all the bold and underlined points showing a common thread with all bad spawns that are occurring?!! Go back and just read the bold / underlined parts, and you'll see the problem.

          Line-of-sight really needs to be addressed for these spawns.

          This is nothing to do with players playing the game badly, as some might suggest; this is simply a flaw in the spawn system that can use improvement.

          My very first spawn after loading the patch was a bad spawn into a game already in progress before I even had a chance to play - nothing to do with gameplay at all. There were plenty safe places for me to spawn on a map as big as Whiteout, and I spawn behind a leaf going by someone's view?!!


          If ANY part of a persons character is going to be visible upon spawning, it should be locked. No doubt this is how people are exploiting spawns. Lean round the corner until only half their spawn point is visible, so the game still thinks it's a safe spawn because it is partially obscured.


          Fix this, and Ghosts will have better spawns.


          And spawn proximity is still an issue!

          I have already spawned within knifing distance from people and immediately knifed them. It makes me feel bad that I have to stab them in the back. Why is Ghosts still doing this?


          As a community manager, Teanah, are you going to answer any of these questions?

          We have shown a lot of support in making this game better.

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            692. Re: We need Spawns feedback!

            You need to fix spawn system over-all in blitz and domination. To much spawn trapping going on and you should learn to do spawn systems like what Halo has always done!!!!!

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              693. Re: We need Spawns feedback!

              You nailed the problem on the head. The game does not do a deep enough check to make sure no one is looking at a spawn or near it or coming towards it or just leaving it. It only does a quick check of all spawns finds one that seems to be safe then spawns.


              You can camp a spawn point and just make sure your head is more than 60% covered/obscured and it will act as if you are not even there watching it. Yet you can see it clearly and fire accurately right at the spawn.


              It only seems to check if the spawning person can see the other and not really the other way around at times.


              Hope I made myself clear..but yes this has always been part of the problem in this and several past games where spawn abuse was so easy to do.

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                694. Re: We need Spawns feedback!

                Yeah, I imagine it is quite difficult to fix, too.

                But the developers really ought to try something.

                I mean a leaf on a tree blocking a spawn from sight, and you see they guy's legs appear under the leaf... I mean, come on... He's still looking at the spawn. He wasn't spawn camping, either; it just turned out that way.


                But if they can't fix this line-of-sight issue, they should consider spawning people further apart so that there is more likelyhood of the rest of the map being in the way.


                I know this isn't ideal for guys that want straight back into the action, but let's face it - almost every time it spawned me back in the action I died right away by spawning into bullets or someone's dog. So spawning back into the action has never really been all that beneficial to me. But that is only my experience. I have spawned looking at an enemy's back, which IS beneficial, but still not fair to the other player.


                Spawning people further apart might be the only option until they find a better programming solution for the line-of-sight issues.

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                  695. Re: We need Spawns feedback!

                  I think they get too caught up on having specific spots where people can spawn.


                  People learn those spots and exploit them... or since the spawn logic states they must spawn at those spots puts players into bad situations by default.


                  You would think they could find a way to allow players to spawn at any point on a map. The Spawn logic could place players as close to their team as possible but in a low risk area, say perhaps safely in the room of building rather than in the open in the alleyway outside.

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