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        Awesome, you're way ahead of me!  I've been just keeping my Odin Marks saved up for Rogue, now that she's so close.  Looks like she's going to be so fun! 


        You even have Surfer's legendary at a higher level than Iron Man!  That's shocking, considering your Iron Man fandom.  We'll have to team up sometime to run the Bovineheim level or something cool like that. 

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          Your omega points can be used for all of your heroes equally whatever you earn for one gets earned for all and what you spend on one does not take away from the pool for the others. For example I have 100 omega points and I spent all of them on Silver Surfer. Then when I go into IM I still have the same 100 to spend on him or any hero I want, hopefully that makes sense. So you don't need to save them you can use them for each hero individually and does not effect what you can spend on the others.


          I just did a ton of legendary missions with Surfer when I had xp buffs and leveled that weapon right up. Now I am starting to do my rotation with each of my heroes at 60 to build up their legendary weapon and earn omega points.

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            Yeah, the Omega system can be pretty cool.  I've been using it a bit, mostly for basic stuff like physical damage for Widow, mental damage for Emma, etc. 


            Sounds like you're really getting back into the game!  I'll be starting to play it more as I'm all excited about Guardians of the Galaxy and all that right now.  Oh, and on another note, there's a random hero box code (SDCCMH2015) for you to try.  Might as well go for it and see if you get a new hero out of it.  I just got a Hawkeye ultimate upgrade out of it, but that's better than nothing. 

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              Yep have been playing a bit on my days off and just for about half an hour or so on days I work, to get the daily reward.

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                Rogue's even got her own forum section now!  She's really coming soon!  And Doomsaw actually officially confirmed she's the August hero (with Nova in September). 

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                  Definitely excited about both new heroes then. I have an XP gift box that I will open up for Rogue the instant I have her and I really hope they make Nova an awesome beam hero mixed with some speed stuff because I think he can fly really fast right?


                  I reworked IM and have been able to take him solo on cosmic runs, which is sweet. I saw a build that maximized his damage and even though I had to cut out one of my favorite powers the build is more effective at taking down bosses that is for sure. So pretty fun to play him right now.


                  Have you done a raid yet? I have not since you cannot queue you have to form a team of ten which isn't always easy. I just need to be on when someone is forming a team and hope to get invited.

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                    Yeah, Nova's called "The Human Rocket" for a reason.  They said they got tons of cool movement powers in mind for him.


                    Nice!  Sounds like you got your Iron Man rolling now.  Widow's still my best hero by far, since she's just the best geared.  You can also really pick and choose how you fight because her roll lets her stealth, which really helps out in tough fights. 


                    I actually haven't done a raid yet, mostly because I've heard it feels pretty much like a race against a timer more than anything else, which is pretty lame.  I really should try it sometime, though, to see if it's any better than I've heard.  I really don't like that every boss has a timer on them, though, since that makes it feel more like a gear check than a fun fight.


                    At the moment, I've mostly been playing Star-Lord (with his movie costume and a Gamora team-up, of course).  He's really fun with all kinds of powers that use his spaceship and let him use his elemental gun to fire off all kinds of special shots.  And he has some pretty cool lines, too.  Have you tried him yet?

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                      Have not tried SL as he is not my cup of tea.


                      I wanna try a raid just to see what it is like. You never know what will be fun for a while. You can earn some cool stuff on raids and I think you can earn a ton of XP and that new demon fire stuff that if you get enough of it you can increase the stats on your level 60 gear, which is pretty cool.

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                        What's wrong with Star-Lord?  He blasts stuff with his element gun, calls in his ship for air strikes, and makes witty one-liners.  I thought you weren't anti-Guardians of the Galaxy anymore?


                        Yeah, I plan on eventually trying the raid out, but I haven't really bothered to so far.  I mainly just want to see what the enemies and stuff are like there, compared to the regular areas. 

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                          Nothing wrong with him just doesn't interest me to play that is all and even though I like Rocket in the movie I still have no desire to play him as hero in the game. Nothing against them just not my cup of tea.


                          IM got his level 52 review and he got some nice changes. They did away with his force shield and replaced it with a shield passive that you can toggle on, but it doesn't run out so you don't have to ever refresh it. They also have another great passive that you can toggle on and greatly increase your damage rating and attack powers. They gave you a legitimate melee tree if you want to use it or you can go just beams or just missles or a hybrid. I am using a hybrid and he is improved, not that he wasn't fun before, as he previous build was good. But doing this level 52 stuff is good way to fine tune some things on heroes who are already good, so I have been running him out there.

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