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    Looking for "band"/players (360)


      Looking to start a 4-person standard (no duplicate instruments) online "band". It would be appreciated if you play on Hard or [preferably] Expert, but as long as you aren't failing every 5 seconds you are fine. My main position in this "band" will be Guitar but I will occasionally switch to Bass or [Hard] Singing to either rest my fingers or let someone else have the spotlight. And, by the way, when I say "band", I mean like a group to play with every couple days or so, so it's [almost] like we are in a real band.



      Looking for:

      - Someone to position as main Bassist

      - Someone to position as main Singer

      - Someone to position as main Drummer

      - [Optional, but would be nice] One of the above that has a capture card to record our sessions and upload to YouTube to make our "band" a bit more "official"