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    Booster Deterrent

      I really don't want to push our luck here, but I think I'm not the only one who knows that this weekend of Double XP/Weapon XP, along with a shiny new map, is going to attract a bigger hoard of boosters.


      While I am greatful for the sudden surprise of Nuketown2025 and various fixes (not too happy with how it affected the Wiimote...) will it be possible to get a booster cleanup?


      As they have been left unchecked, myself and others have had to find our own way of dealing with them, but it's going to be hell this weekend and we'd prefer not to have to spend the weekend doing booster patrol.


      Think it would be possible to have a quick cleanup?  I've said it before and I'll say it again, it will scare the majority into behaving and playing properly and hopefully ensure that the next couple of weeks will be booster free.  I really don't want to be hopping from one lobby to another because 6+ people are dry humping in corners and then being trolls because we are "ruining their game".

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          Re: Booster Deterrent

          LOL, are you serious???

          How about you enjoy the room that you are in and let the people that are in the problem room deal with their own issues?

          I mean seriously it's a game dude. All you gotta do is kill the opposite team person they are boosting with then the other players that are boosting get mad and team kill you. And we all know what happens when you team kill too much.

          And seriously, this game has been out for 2 years now.  If someone feels the need to "boost" then who really cares?

          Just worry about you and only you.

          Also you complain about things way too much. "this update on this wiimote isn't good enough" "this lag is unacceptable"

          "I know you fixed the wiimote to an almost perfect fix now but I'm still gonna find something to complain about, it moves too slow when I am running" complain complain complain.

          You know if activision had to ban just one player I would hope it would be you. Then there would be virtually no more complaints in the wii u section. (well other than you saying hey you guys banned me what are you gonna do about it?)

          I have played this game on xbox ps3 and wii u. And as far as gameplay and all out time spent on making it work. I think the wii u version is way better than any other version. (and who cares about dlc I wouldn't spend any more money on a game then the initial purchase price anyway) Stop spending all your time complaining about this game and spend more time playing it. You will see the things you are complaining about are just you and not the game itself.


          At treyarch: You guys did a most excellent job on this game. I hope to see a ton more games like this.

          Also I wanted to say thanks for being kind enough to (almost 2 years later) give us nuketown and still show interest in your gamers. And thanks for all those hours spent on making this game playable (with every possible controller).

          You guys deserve massive pay raises. You guys are great. Hope to see more COD games in the future.

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              Re: Booster Deterrent

              Speaking of people that need a ban...


              Yeah, it is just a game.  It baffles me when somebody in HCTDM decides to target and troll this one teammate simply because this one person destroyed them on the opposing team.  Know what I mean, schitzotm?  I've been in a lobby with you while you've incessantly gone after and stunned/flashbanged this one guy.  Why do this as "revenge"?  It's just a game...Grow up, eh?

              I think you are misreading what I am saying.  I have had to leave lobbies because over half of them are boosting.  Yeah, I'll worry about me and only me.  Hence having to hunt down and take care of boosters in my looby at the time and/or leave.  I will gladly enjoy a lobby that I am in, until some butt-hurt troll decides to ruin the game or some no-life boosters decide to hide in a corner and do the nasty with each other.

              You strike me as the kind of person that would be happy to buy a new computer that produces a BSOD often and doesn't work with various peripherals correctly.  You'd complain about that, wouldn't you?

              This is 2014.  BO2 was released 2012.  We are in an era where broadband internet access is reaching faster speeds with lower pings.  To buy a game focused mostly around online multiplayer and have the online multiplayer perform in such a sub-par fashion is ridiculous.  But you don't have this issue, right?  Which is why you don't resort to trolling certain people who had a good match, right?

              It's been a very long time since I have logged into the forums.  There's been simply no need and I have been, like you suggested, playing the game.  I am more than capable adapting to whatever is thrown my way, so I do exactly that.

              However, if a problem is not brought up then the chances of having said problem fixed are non-existent.  Ergo, I bring up said problem.  This is paramount when we have such a small window of support, so it is imperative that as many issues get fixed as possible.

              I have already extended my thanks to the people who have snuck this suprise update in via a tweet to ACTVIAssist, and did so within the hour of its deployment.  Aren't you the guy that was adamant that A_Trey_U wasn't a Wii U dev and even went so far as to make a Twitter account to try and "prove a point"?  Glad to see you've moved on from that.

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                  Re: Booster Deterrent

                  LOL, I don't troll because someone had a good game. I troll to have fun every once in a while.

                  You should try it sometime. The best part about it is when the person you are trolling still does very well.

                  Much like I troll you here from time to time.

                  As far as that trey_u guy goes, I couldn't care less if that is a dev or not. You missed the point all together with that one.

                  It was a troll all the way.

                  I don't see much point in boosting for stats. I mean it will be obvious that you boosted when you get your 455 handed to ya by an actual good player.

                  If you need help dealing with these boosters just add me on black ops2 and I'll help stop them.

                  But you'll just have to deal with my on/off game trolling.

                  I just tease you because for the most part you are the only one posting complaints. (Just messing with you)

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