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        "Pay attention, this is for your benefit!  I'm not doing it twice", haha.  Was there a lot of uproar when Django Unchained came out?  I can't really remember.  But I have a feeling that it's a movie about racism might be ignored while some people rush to complain about the language.


        For me, I feel like the women led comedies tend to be better than the men.  Edgar Wright's Cornetto trilogy is brilliant, but I don't care much for Will Ferrell, Seth McFarlane, Seth Rogen, Jack Black, Steve Carrell, the Hangover movies, etc.  I really like The Heat though with McCarthy and Bullock, Baby Mama with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler is really funny too.  I also enjoyed Identity Thief and Bridesmaids.  Have you ever seen Rat Race from the early 2000's?  I absolutely love that movie.  It's from the Zucker brothers which ya probably already know did Airplane.  Kung Fu Hustle  is a lot of fun.  It's so hard to compete with the comedies of old though,  Man, there was such great stuff.

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          Well I'm the last one here (as usual) to see Guardians.  I really liked it.  I was hoping to absolutely love it because I had seen a lot of super positive reactions like "favorite Marvel movie", "better than the Avengers" and things of that nature.  I'm probably somewhere in between RS and Hawk on the scale. It didn't dethrone The Winter Soldier or Avengers at the top of the list.  I felt like it was a different flavor than the other MCU movies.  Not a bad thing though, just different.  At the same time it still fits in the family....kind of like the weird cousin at a family reunion.  I really liked Rocket.  He was probably my favorite character.  Drax had some great moments (pleasantly surprised by Dave Bautista, although that was kind of expected as I had heard a lot of good things about his performance).  I was expecting to laugh more, but like Iron and Hawk said those big moments only came every once in a while.  There were parts that were amusing but didn't quite hit all the way.  They had some good emotional moments with Quill's family and with Rocket and Groot.  The action was good and kept at a good pace throughout.  Overall a very enjoyable movie and I will definitely be watching it again and again just like all the other MCU movies.   I'll take a little more time to let it set in and maybe add some more thoughts later.

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            Yeeess, join me on the dark side, Jad.  Haha, you sound disappointed in your write up of the movie though which is a shame.  As you said it didn't quite meet your expectations, so where do you think it fell short aside from the humor?  Do ya think your opinion would've been different had there not been so much hype surrounding the movie?

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              Hey, everyone's seen the movie now!  That means we can stop being vague and non-spoilery when talking about it now!  Glad you liked the movie, Jad, even if you didn't think it was as awesome as me and SBN did.  I definitely agree that it's a different style of movie than the other Marvel movies, which I think is an important thing for Marvel movies.  If everything feels like a straight-forward superhero story, they could get old after a while.  Having different things like Guardians as a more sci-fi movie is nice to keep the movies from getting repetitive.  The Doctor Strange movie will probably be another case of something that feels different (in a totally different way from Guardians, of course) from the rest and really sets it apart from the other movies. 


              @Hawk: You definitely can pre-order figures, since it even lets you pre-order them on the website.  I think the only question is whether you're supposed to be able to pre-order your free figure.  But what's the big sale?!  I haven't heard anything about this. 

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                @Rogue - It's not something that would affect us much, but if you trade in games to put toward Marvel Disney Infinity you get 30 - 40% extra credit.  They also have some discounts on the original Disney Infinity figures and containers for your power discs and stuff like that,

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                  Yeah, I just looked it up online, and there's nothing that'll really affect either of us then.  It's just deals on the original Infinity stuff and all that.  I actually got that same trade-in deal a couple weeks ago when I pre-ordered mine anyway.  I don't generally trade in many games, but I had a couple games that I tried out that didn't turn out so great (Amazing Spidey 2 game and Bravely Default), and I got some pretty good money for them toward the starter pack.  It only ended up costing me something like $12 for the starter pack, actually. 

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                    Wow, really?  I wouldn't have thought the Amazing Spidey 2 game would've got you much money even with the 40% increase.  I'm guessing ya got a lot for Bravely Default though since I heard it's pretty popular.  I considered trading in games, but there's nothing I'd get rid of that would get me more than like a buck even with the extra credit, haha.

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                      I gave up on Amazing Spidey 2 pretty quickly after it released, actually, so I already had the credit for that before Infinity, now that I think about it.  There was a 50% trade-in bonus then, so I got $30 for it a couple weeks after it released.  I got a pretty decent chunk for Bravely Default, too, since it's still pretty popular, and I don't think it had a huge print run, either.  I really only trade games like that where I know I'll never want to play them again, and I can get a decent chunk of cash.  As you've noticed, I replay my games a ton, so I won't trade any games I like at all. 

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                        You replay your games a lot?  I'm astonished!  It's not like you ever talk about the Tales games or Legend of Dragoon!

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                          Never!  I've never played a Tales game more than once!  And I definitely haven't played Tales of Vesperia 3 times in the last year!  Not at all.  That's as preposterous as the thought of you playing Mass Effect more than once!  It's unthinkable!