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        80. Re: Ghillie Suit Challenge is Absurd

        Actually it doesn't have to, only ones as retarded as 850 kills with shitty attatchments

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          81. Re: Ghillie Suit Challenge is Absurd

          If you learn to use it, you'll have success. Or you can just complain and still not earn the reward.

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            82. Re: Ghillie Suit Challenge is Absurd

            I'm complaining as I work towards it so regulars can have access to it aswell

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              83. Re: Ghillie Suit Challenge is Absurd

              Everyone has access to it.


              No handouts. Part of the problem in this game is too many things are just given to players. It makes the game less fun to play in the long run when there is nothing to work towards.

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                84. Re: Ghillie Suit Challenge is Absurd

                I hardly play anymore due to lag, but i have over 9000 kills using chrome lined (usr) which translates to 10 ghillie suits. Playing mostly an hour a day hardly constitutes no lifer now does it? Although i can QS pretty good, the vast majority of my shots are hard scoped, and i almost never bush camp. So i am not sure what you are going on about, if anything i think the ghillie suit achievement is one of the easier unlocks. Now if we were talking about lean kill achievement for gold camos, then i might agree as that really does force you to play in a specific way. But ghillie? You dont have to bush camp and you dont have to QS. You just need to be a sniper and play normally, It is just that simple.

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                  85. Re: Ghillie Suit Challenge is Absurd

                  While agree that the challenge system needs a massive overhaul, a large part of the issue with COD is statements like the following -


                  Asumishi (to nicedrewishfela) 5 hours ago

                  Still forces a certain play style onto players who wish to earn it.. Challenges are fun.. How fun is it to get butchered on a map that snipers aren't designed for, where everyone's using shotguns and SMGs and murdering you it's terrible, it ruins people's desire to play for one and also lose hope in ever reaching that goal that they entirely give up.


                  Yeah, it does force you to play a "certain way." That's the whole point. If your favorite weapon class is an SMG and every weapon class performed exactly the same as an SMG, then the only real "challenge" would be to get X kills with a different camo. Pretty stupid idea, IMO. So the actual "challenge" is to use something you do not normally use and use it in a way that you don't like to use it ... and to still succeed in completing the challenge.


                  That takes skill on many different levels. If you have only one or two levels of skill, fine. Nothing wrong with that.


                  But don't come to the kindergarten teacher asking for your purple star because she's a he and he ain't giving out free ghillie suits.

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                    86. Re: Ghillie Suit Challenge is Absurd

                    no mate, i have a real life too and i take much care of it....it took me over 5 months to earn the ghillie suit, but instead of doing like the REAL whiners such as you, i accepted the challenge instead of begging momma IW to give it to me on the easy way and believe me, the feeling of finally earning it was great, because it really was what it meant to be, a challenge and therefor a pride to wear it now...if you don't want to spend time on it, simply forget it then...we have the most wimpy and crappy prestige-level-system ever with ghosts just because of guys like you that want it all without putting reasonable effort on it and as a result, also the most boring CoD of all times...want this, want that, best without doing nothing and that's crap...it's called challenge for a reason and imo, to come here to beg momma IW to help you out is not only wimpy, but also an insult to everyone who DID put the effort into it to get it...and NOT everyone of them were guys who put all of their time into it, but simply needed a bit longer...to me, please stop crying and ask yourself how much it's worth to you....you want it? then you know what it takes to do!!!

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