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    Wii Mote Question

      SSo how long is it gonna be this time before the wiimote gets fixed.  I really sux with analogs just being real but beast with wiimote . So just wondering when will it get fixed . Just undo whatever it is you did and put it back the way it was befor the patch.

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          Re: Wii Mote Question

          What are you talking about exactly?  Are you talking about the patch last year that fixed the wii remote?  Cause that's not changing. 

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            Re: Wii Mote Question

            The wiimote is a secondary controller for the wii u. The fact they did any repairs to it at all is great.

            I don't know exactly what they changed with this latest update but some of you are complaining about it.

            I guess I'll have to try a wiimote and see what the change is. I haven't played with a wiimote in years. To be honest I may not even be able to tell the difference so if you post what you noticed the changes are then maybe I could connect mine and go "yeah I see what he is saying". I got used to the gamepad in early 2013 and before that it was a pro controller. I played black ops 2 with a wiimote one time and it wasn't the same as COD wii so I started using a pro controller.

            But now I play on the game pad and use the little screen as my display. (most of the time) It takes some getting used to but once you master it the good wiimote players beast on the game pad. A good player is a good player no matter the controller.

            (once they are used to it of course)

            I personally can't wait til they start allowing multiple game pads and 3ds sync. (3ds will act as another game pad)

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