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        40. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (9/8/2014) [EXODUS]

        If anyone has more, be sure to reply in the hope that they may be fixed, and so people know certain bugs in the game that could affect their progress in the game!


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          41. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (9/8/2014) [EXODUS]

          My vulture doesn't affect any of my accuracy challenges since Nemesis, so I don't really believe that

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            42. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (9/8/2014) [EXODUS]

            It definitely did for a moment there. I will re-test it to see if it does now.

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              43. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (9/8/2014) [EXODUS]

              so last night i got off with 20 teeth . a few hours earlier i had just bought the pistol ark upgrade and was level i think 21 on the last level before final extinction prestige . i played on exodus until 2:00 am est time. i got on today had 120 teeth no pistol ark upgrade bought and was like level 12, 3 prestiges before the one i was on when i got off. my leaderboard stats are right and have the right prestige and level i should be at? really confused anyone else have this issue im really upset - i dont cheat and i play extinction constantly and thats a huge loss to me !

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                44. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (9/8/2014) [EXODUS]

                i wasnt level 21 on the last prestige before the final one until i got off - so correction to what my first sentence says my gtag is ganjasQueen 220 if anyone can help thanks

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                  45. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (9/8/2014) [EXODUS]

                  I've heard about this but I've never had it. I know a few in these forums have had the problem and I have no idea what causes it.

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                    46. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (9/8/2014) [EXODUS]

                    I have 2 glitches/bugs that happened on Exodus.


                    1) Played all the way through, activating the cortex while the 3 ancestors were still alive, didn't get the "Timing is Everything" achievement. (note this could be due to the ancestors not having low enough health.


                    2) This bug was game breaking. Finished the last generator, no cue for the final sequence. Ran back to spawn, nothing is there. Threw down feral instincts, no aliens left on the map. Simply put, there was no way to complete the level, we were stuck at the end and had to all quit out

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                      47. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (9/8/2014) [EXODUS]

                      The Gargoyles don't always get trapped in the west gate where the ancestor comes from (behind that wall, shooting you!!!!!!!!). If you ever use Feral, you will see, on that same side but under the facility (using feral) Gargoyles fly from that west side, up to the wall where the cortex is, kind of hit it and bounce on up back through the floor, enabling us to then shoot it. Sometimes it then is normal and runs off, flies etc or it falls back under. I've seen them fly into that wall, and then suddenly drop further down, but they drop at super speed and vanish completely lol.


                      Also, in 2 player games on Exodus, if you get the "kill 10 in 30 seconds", the majority of times only 8 spawn, then as soon as the timer has stopped, lots spawn!!.


                      Similarly, the "kill 10 seekers" challenge, in 4 player, will give you 2 meteor's, then at the LAST second, will spawn more seekers, BUT they will be spawned far away, in the room to the right generators (bottom of stairs). Meaning, if you are unaware of this, you will almost always fail it because you need to go in there for those last 2 kills.

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                        48. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (9/8/2014) [EXODUS]

                        i know this has been brought up several times before but the glitch in the challenge system in the 3rd section of POC where i plant the drill at the second hive and the game doesnt give me a challenge then fails me. please explore this. here is exactly the process when its happened to me the last three times:

                        doesnt matter which relic i use but once i get to the first hive under the walkway ill plant the drill and get the stupid trap challenge (which is dumb in the 3rd section anyway) and i fail it. so i pick up the drill and take it to the second hive and this is where its interesting it only happens when i plant quickly and when the hive is locate to the far left location along the fences leading to the nuke. as soon as i plant never fails no challenge. oh it happens on solo play. hasnt happened yet on coop. Also since i brought it up why are we getting the trap challenge exclusively in the 3rd section of POC? i used to get on the 1st or 2nd where its accomplishable. in the third section its damn near impossible. is this the devs way of making completionist harder to make teeth farming less desirable? id like an answer as im sure the rest of the community does as well. please look into these as im almost ready to give up on extinction with these issues. i appreciate all the devs work and i look forward to a response on this matter.


                        happy hunting

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                          49. Re: Bugs/Glitches Thread (9/8/2014) [EXODUS]

                          I've got a couple worth mentioning here from personal experiences so far.


                          Global / Multi-Map Issues:


                          * Occasionally, someone will join a game with a laggy internet connection and grab the drill. If this individual sometimes tries to plant the drill the game will glitch into a state where the player "has" the drill, but is no longer holding it, the only way to fix it at that point is for the person to go down or leave the game.


                          * Kill 10 aliens in 30 seconds challenge sometimes does not spawn enough aliens to complete the challenge in time.


                          * Hypno knives don't always work on Rhinos, and will light the thing on fire.




                          * Missing challenges on some hives, this appears to be associated with doing hives in certain orders compared to others.


                          * Meteor striking the PoC Helicopter can lead to some.... hilarious.. physics...


                          * Leper spawning outside of the challenge area and becoming unreachable by the time the hive is complete. The challenge spawning logic should be improved for players using the Stand your Ground relic.


                          * Throwing a Hypno-Knife at an enemy can sometimes cause an accuracy challenge to "magically" go back to 100% accuracy, even if the accuracy is well below the challenge mark.


                          * Should I be getting bit by a leper? The damn thing does Phantom damage to me. >.>


                          * If someone grabs a Grenade / Portable turret positioned next to the gate separating the second and third areas during the escape, they can bypass the final meteor blockade, reaching the end of the map ~45 seconds before you're supposed to.




                          Nothing Map Specific to Report.




                          Nothing Map Specific to Report.




                          * Sometimes, a Hunter can jump at a certain angle on the drill causing a massive damage "explosion" type object to spawn on the drill, causing massive damage to any players near the drill and usually dealing ~70 - 90 points of damage to the drill. If this happens one time, it seems to happen more than once on the same obelisk, causing games to abruptly end.


                          * The Gargoyle logic definitely needs some improvement here. They should not be phasing through walls, and then being able to shoot us through the wall. Also, when the challenge to kill a Gargoyle on the ground occurs, they should be on the ground more often. I've had countless instances where the thing never landed during the entire challenge, even when shooting it.




                          * 10 Seeker Kills challenge sometimes only spawns 8-9 total seekers during the entire hive.

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