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        Hawk not much of an uproar about Django because it shows a black man getting revenge on the evil slavers, which I ejnoyed and thought the movie was funny especially the part with the KKK where they are complaining about their masks. Blazing Saddles throws the N word around like a frisbee and is a very smart satire about racism, but people are so literal minded in the U.S. that they would probably throw a fit over the movie. Bridesmaids was funny the other McCarthy vehicles were ok, but not great. Rat Race is based on "It's a mad, mad, mad world", which you should really see if you have not seen it.


        Jad glad to see the made it the movie! There is only one movie that I have ever seen where I had super high expectations and the movie actually exceeded it and that was Fellowship, even with Avengers I was excited but kept my expectations under control. Whenever you go in with super high expectations 99.9% of the time there will be a bit of a let down unless the movie blows you away. Guardians was good and I really liked it but it didn't blow me away. It was funny but not hilarious, but overall it was a lot of fun and the only the strong reviews for the movie did was get me to go opening weekend, which I was not planning to do as I was not excited about the Guardians movie, but Marvel made me eat crow by putting together something different, fun and even touching. My favorite line was "We are Groot" I teared up as that moment.


        I'm hoping Dr. Strange will be really different and weird but also awesome!!

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          RS - oh I definitely agree that it's a good thing that they mixed it up little with Guardians.  I do like that they have sort of taken different genres and applied the Marvel characters and hope it continues.

          Hawk - I don't know if I really had specific expectations (aside from the humor).  I can't really think of any moments that blew me away or made me think 'man this is so AWESOME!'.  There were a lot of good things in the movie but nothing on the scale of the enjoyment I had with Avengers or Cap.  I had just heard/read so many comments making it sound like the best movie ever and tons of people had ranked it among the top 3 best MCU movies. Maybe my initial reaction would have been a bit different if the hype wasn't so big.  I did like it a lot and I think I just need to see it again without the super high expectations. 

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            @Rogue - Haha, you really played Vesperia three times this year?  There's still four months left so you could easily play through it again.  You're putting my seven times through ME1 to shame!


            @Iron - Haha, I don't begrudge anyone that's uncomfortable hearing slurs regardless of context, but I also think creators should have the option to use such words, particularly in the case of movies like Django and Blazing Saddles where the main hero is someone dealing with racism.  The bad guys in Blazing are pretty awful people even if they weren't using slurs, but the towns people are initially racist toward Bart too and use the same slurs.  Even after they've warmed up toward Bart as sheriff, they still grumble when he wants to bring in his railroad worker friends to help defeat the bandits.  Like ya said for a movie that's so silly it's also pretty smart.  Oh, awesome, I'll have to check it out!


            By the way, did you see the trailer for Battle of the Five Armies!  I just rewatched the first two Hobbit movies this past week and man, I'm excited for it.  The attack on Lake Town is gonna be pretty insane and I'm hoping we'll get to see Galadriel in action.  She's been built up as so powerful it'd be really cool to see her put some of it on display when she goes to save Gandalf.


            @Jad - Too bad ya will have to wait four or five months for the blu ray to come out.  At least Winter Soldier will be out soon to keep ya busy till then!

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              Yeah I saw the trailer and it looks really good. I don't like the Hobbit movies as much as like LOTR, but they are still very good and this one looks especially good. Laketown is in trouble that is for sure.


              In the end the town's people or Cross Creek except all races including the Irish, lol, Blazing Saddles humor.

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                @Hawk: Well, I was counting that I've played it three times since I got it last August.  I remember it was August, since it was right before school started, so that would make it a year since then.  You better build up a bigger lead with your ME1 if you want to keep me from passing you, though!


                @Jad: Yeah, even the more traditional heroes like Cap, Iron Man, and Thor have movies that are pretty different from each other.  Cap 2's political stuff is way different from Thor 2's more mythological stuff, you know?  Though I wish they'd play up the whole big mythology side of Thor instead of trying so hard to be funny, but that's a separate issue.  Actually, all the different genres they're kinda using has got me really hoping we get a Black Widow movie with all kinds of spy and conspiracy stuff, kinda like a Jason Bourne movie. 


                @Iron: The Dr. Strange movie should be so cool.  It'll finally be a chance for Marvel to go into all the crazy supernatural stuff.  That's really the last step they need to take to open up the whole Marvel Universe, since they already got the 9 Realms with Thor and some more out there cosmic stuff with the Guardians of the Galaxy. 

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                  @Rogue - Hmm, do you think I could play it four more times before Christmas?  It might give me a slight lead over you and Tales.  I know it wouldn't last too long though.


                  @Iron - I think I'd rate Desolation of Smaug up there, I really enjoy it  I love the whole sequence of Smaug, his conversation with Bilbo and the big action scene of the dwarves trying to defeat him.  I also really like the elves too.  I'm interested to see how the younger, brasher Legolas develops in the next movie.  Last we saw him he was chasing after the orcs leaving Lake town, but I'm hoping he'll return once Smaug starts his attack and start to question his father's isolationist stance.  I suspect we'll see him start to develop a respect for the dwarves since in LOTR he never really reacted to Gimli's initial hatred of elves.  The confrontation of Gandalf and Sauron in Desolation was really friggin cool too.  And I liked that we got to see the different personalities of the dwarves more too since in the first Hobbit only Thorin really stood out.

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                    Hawk every scene with Smaug was awesome and well done. They really made the dragon come to live in all of its destructive and amazing power and destruction. Gandalf was great but they really foreshadowed him ending up in the crow's nest, lol. Well the enmity of the dwarves and elves goes way back. Both races have their pros and cons. It will be interesting to see how they do develop that with Legalos.


                    Rogue I do hope they actually call it magic and not advanced science since the supernatural is certainly a part of Marvel lore.

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                      @iron - Have you played any of the LOTR games? There's been a lot of good stuff said about Shadows of Mordor.  It comes out right after Marvel Disney Infinity, which is kinda bad timing since I'm dropping so much money on that, but I really wanna play it.

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                        I have not played any of them, might have to give them a try but I have been saying that to you about Assassins Creed for years and have never tried it so I guess I am full of baloney, lol.


                        Are you guys getting excited about the NFL starting up soon? Of course I am just a few weeks away from the season opener against the Packers, will be tough but man I'm excited.

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                          I'm definitely looking forward to both the NFL season.  It's gonna be interesting to see how Chip does in his second year of coaching and how the rest of the league will try to stop his offense.  There's also the question of what will Foles do in his first full season of starter, will the loss of DeSean be felt, and how will the defense fare this year.


                          Did you guys hear the new details about Marvel's big Axis event?  The big shtick of it is that bad guys will turn good and good guys turn bad.  That's how we'll end up with Tony back drinking and willing to sell his tech, Thor without his hammer, and it looks like it'll be affecting others such as Luke Cage, Deadpool, Storm, Sabretooth, etc.  Luckily it seems like Hawkeye is avoiding this, at least of what I've heard so far.  It sounds like there will be some team shake-ups though and that Uncanny Avengers may be cancelled or relaunched.  I can't say I'm too interested in this event.  Hopefully Avengers World will be kept out of it since I'm really interested in the AIM story and the Next Avenger kids seemingly attacking SHIELD in the latest preview!