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        Well, go ahead and miss out on awesomeness while you drink your tea then. 


        Yeah, I've been messing around with Iron Man a little bit, and he's gotten some good changes.  A few new cool powers like that Missile Salvo, and a lot of his powers mesh better than they used to, along with the toggle changes.  And he has a few cool new animations.  His basic beam attack really looks cool and looks like it came right out of a movie. 

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          They also gave him some nice melee options with jet assisted punch. I am going with a hybrid of melee and beam, with one missile power. Do like the toggles a lot. His unibeam looks really good and can hit for a ton of damage but it is slow so not sure if I will keep it or not.

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            I haven't tried his melee powers yet, so I'll have to check them out.  His melee basic looks nice, along with the jet-assisted punch. 


            I got Star-Lord to 60 a couple days ago and picked up Rocket Raccoon today.  I've only played him to 10 so far, but he's pretty cool.  I'm jumping between Rocket, DareDevil, and Iron Man right now, actually. 


            What do you think of the event going on right now?  It's supposed to come back for a week each month, and I'm liking it so far.  The worldstones drop pretty often, so you feel  like you're making progress toward the different items.  And there's some nice items to get, like that recipe to upgrade insignias to cosmic and the new Power Cosmic legendary.  I really want that legendary for Rogue, since I bet she can use all 3 damage types by stealing powers.

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              Love the event and I want to get to 400 so I can upgrade an insignia, plus love the cosmic terminals giving out rad amount of XP and rewards. Really like the ones that you can get two or three cosmic chests, very cool. Did some Kurse farming with a group and that was interesting, as I had not done it before, five us just kept hitting Kurse over and over it was a great way to earn omega points I think I earned like five of them in less than half an hour.


              My IM is really laying out the damage right now and I am trying to give him every possible advantage. Need to earn more of those demon things so I can upgrade my level 60 gear to 66. I am also turning in my Odin marks to bless my artifacts as well. After I finish getting him set than I will move onto Surfer, although as soon as Rogue comes out I will be playing her a bit. I now have three XP boxes just ready to let her level her up fast, fast, fast.


              Really enjoying the game again with all of these new things going on that is for sure.

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                So finally did some raids and they are pretty fun, but very time consuming. Just getting the group together is hard and you better go in with a well equipped hero, your legendary at least at level 4, good artifacts and have at least two of them blessed as well as having all of your weapons/armor enchanged and your uru forged item with a good rune word on that as well. There is a great guide about raids, the green guide to raids that really lays out the fights well so even if you have not done any you have an idea. Got through a few of them but have not been on team that has beaten Surtur yet, but going to get it done.


                Rogue should come out this Friday but the bummer is I will be on a four day trip to Anchorage, but that should be fun. However really enjoying the game right now, a lot.

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                  I still haven't gotten around to trying the raids yet, but maybe I'll have to join one of your teams one of these days.  I can't really play it for a bit, since I don't have my computer set up right now, but it's good to hear that you're thinking they're fun so far.


                  Yeah, I'm totally psyched for Rogue right now.  I already pre-ordered her bundle pack that comes with her 90's costume and all that cool stuff.  Of course, if she does get released this Friday, I wouldn't be able to play her until I get to the new place. 

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                    So I finally completed a complete raid run beating every boss including Surtur. Got almost 200 DE and upgraded one of my weapon slots to 66. Had a good leader and an experienced group so lots of fun. Before you raid you definitely need to make sure you have one of your 60 level geared up, getting blessing on each artifact, get your legendary to level 4 or above, get your runeword loaded, throw on a cosmic ring, and enchant each weapon slot. The leaders can be picky if you are not geared up so you have to play quite a bit with one hero to get that legendary weapon maxed out and get all those odin marks to bless your four artifacts, 100 blessings each. You can only earn DE once a week and you also get some powerful uniques to pop after you beat each boss. In the raid forums there is a great guide called the green guide to raids and it lays out what to do pretty well although playing it makes is much more clear. Most everybody is pretty cool although there have been a couple of jerks on teams, but that is to be expected in a large community.


                    So Rouge looks like she will drop a week from this Friday, yay. Lots of people really excited about her we might see only Rogues running around for a day or two, lol.

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                      Rogue not sure if you know but Rogue comes out today on Marvel Heroes. I am downloading the patch now, it is a big one, but everything I have heard about her is really positive, being able to steal powers from friends and foes, pretty sweet and as more heroes and villains get added you will be able to steal even more. Will post in a bit after I have played her to give you more.

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                        So playing Rogue is a lot of fun as you can pretty much take her anywhere you want to as far a build. I am only using three of her powers, her signature move which is really cool, her damage buff and her Kree resilance. Outside of that I have three passives from other heroes and villains and three attacks from other heroes and villains and I am looking to switch if I find something better. Hopefully you have played a bit or are going to since she is your fav hero is she not?

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                          Rogue is totally awesome.  I had her hero pack pre-ordered the day it was announced, so I've been playing her a good deal this weekend.  I got her at level 37 right now, and she's so much fun to play.  There's just so many options, and I haven't even scratched the surface of what she can do in this game so far!  Right now, I'm using her signature, her basic punch, the rubble smash attack, Magneto's area power, Scarlet Witch's Chaotic Hex, and Storm's hail power.  I also got a few points in the big gloves off buff, along with the Kree Resilience passive, along with the She-Hulk damage buff and Taskmaster buff.  Oh, and I got Widow's stealth for a movement power, too.  I haven't really nailed down exactly how I want to play Rogue yet, but I'm having fun experimenting with the different powers so far.  What are the stolen powers you're using right now?