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    New & Improved Maps - Weather Patterns / Night & Day

      Hi all, Activision/Infinity Ward,


      For a long time we have heard various discussions re: new maps, renovated maps, favorite maps etc, but what I'd like to propose is something I have not seen discussed before. I believe that It would greatly improve the playability of COD without introducing too much infrastructure into the programming of it.


      Weather patterns and day/night. Just for the sake of discussion pick a map, any map......ok, Stonehaven it is. We've all played this map countless amount of times. Now imagine that winter has set in, and snow is falling. The next time you play the same map it's summer again but it's 0 dark 30. Ok, time to whip out the night vision goggles/scope....a bit easier to get out of the castle eh? (yes I am Canadian). Later on in your game night you come across the map again but this time its raining like hell or you got fog sitting on the ground....people popping up like ground hogs.......


      I think you all get the picture...... you can improve the map greatly without having to rebuild it from the ground up. Changing the dynamics of the same maps improves the playability and your least favorite map may now become your favorite!


      What do you guys think?