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    What do y'all think of Advanced Warefare then....?

      Thought i see what y'all think about this new cod, i've seen various videos now of the new cod and at first like many i guess, i was like is this a call of duty game? ha! but as much as it's like a cod game on steriods or very similar to halo,destiny,crysis,titanfall etc... i think it's going to be fun and fresh, so i'm kinda exicted but i do worry what the last gen versions will play/look like as i still play last gen and probably wont buy a ps4 just for this because i don't want to pay for online for cod when it's free on last gen! i'm also worried about how good is this new developers security in regards to hackers because if it gets gacked in first week or two well it's mw2 all over again!!


      Also if the survival mode is garbage or if there isn't one, i'll probably pass on it as i like something else to play when the MP pee's me off.

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