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    Treyarch helping with advanced warfare zombies mode?

      I Have come up with a theory, which may or may not be true, that's up to you to decide. But heres my theory- that since bo2 zombies had two possible endings (Maxis or richtofen), that there is a possibility of sledgehammer continuing maxis''s story, while treyarch continues richtofens story in bo3( or whatever treyarchs next installment is). At first I thought  that it would be impossisble for AW to have zombies, since usually only treyarchs games have zombies, but here are my reasons for thinking otherwise-


      1. The advanced warfare controller- on the right hand side of the advanced warfare edition xbox one controller, you can see what is clearly the tally roun. Counters from treyachs zombies mode, which implies it will be included.


      2. Zombies Gameplay- Youtuber Champ Chong was allowed in the sledgehammer games studio to play AW's MP, but while he was there, he accidentally got footage of appx. 2 seconds of running zombies on a develepors computer. (To see for yourself go to his channel, click the AW mp video, and go to 1:30.)


      3. Only possible Continuation- Since Bo2 had 2 endings, how else could they continue the storyline?


      4. Treyarchs twitter- Usually after a cod games lifespan is over, the develepor lays low untill it's next installment, but treyarch has been very active on twitter recently, espicially involving the zombies mode


      5.Zombies decor in sledgehammers studio- sledgehammer has a poster of cotd in their building, which is odd considering as of now they have never participated in anything relating to cod zombies.


      6. I'm MW3, in the campaign, there was an easter egg where you could see samantha maxis holding a teddy bear and a slegehammer, which of course is sledgehammer games' logo, hinting at sledgehammer games involvement in zombies.


      7. On one of the Mp maps in AW, there is a hidden "115" on the wall. Though this could VERY likely be nothing, it could also be sledgehammer teasing us of zombies inclusion. Micheal condrey (of sledgehammer) responded to this on twitter and was aware of it, but did not confirm nor deny the inclusion of zombies.


      Tell me what you think below! Could it happen?


      Update: though many people still believe this is still true, due to new opinions and information, i do not personally believe that a zombies mode is likely to happen, though it still could. We will just have to wait for an official announcement to know for sure.