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    Can't find a game

      So my NAT type is open and when i search for a game i can't find a single game. 6000+ in a playlist for TDM and 2000+ for Strikezone yet it is not matching me to a single game..this is very annoying.

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          Re: Can't find a game

          Did you get the season pass or any DLC maps? Big mistake on this game. If you have any DLC maps uninstall them and you will start finding matches again. Ghosts has a very low player count and it's getting worse everyday.

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            Re: Can't find a game

            I Have this happen ,,, I sign out remove power cord from back of the console for 15-30 seconds and then sign back in and since that reboots the system for whatever reason I can get in game again....

            i have found that this trick seems to take care of most issues that happen on the x1 for me.

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              Re: Can't find a game

              I just think the multi-player on the Xbone is atrocious and in need of a fix. It's not just the long wait to find randoms for a public game, but also getting all your friends who are online and want to join you all into the same game. It's a lot of work and mostly miss more than hit. I'm a Extinction player and it's a frustrating task to get a game going some days. Especially if your playing with friends from across the pond.

              And honestly, I don't know how they screwed it up because the 360 multi-player works great. But something got lost in the next-gen translation. Here's hoping AW does a better job at it than Ghosts.

              And I've reset my router, unplugged my console, even reset it once back to factory setting. And while you might (or seem to get) a fix, it's temporary. The problem is deeper than just hardware, I'm sure.

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