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    Where should i ask


      can someone tell me where i should go to ask for someone to review my account as i play only extinction and i lost so mant teeth this weekend playing about 40h this week end and all my teeth disapear today when i open my xbox one.

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          Hey, bro. Really sorry that you had to have this issue. I mean, my firned have had this issue before and he asked support about this. They told him that this was due to the data restoring the file system if in any case there was a corruption on it and it was to help fix the damage. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but they can't really provide your stats back anymore since it was done to help protect your account in the first place.

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            A support case was created for you and you should be contacted shortly by a Customer Support Representative, if you haven't been already. You can view and update your case at the Activision Support website. After logging in, go to "My Support" then "My Cases".




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              As far as I know, when Extinction stats had been reset, there is no backed up files available for that. But I found this link or page on where you can fill out the form regarding what happened to your online stats, Activision Support .