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    Can't connect to the Ghosts servers on XB1 PLEASE HELP

      Okay so everytime I try to connect to multiplayer it returns "The Call of Duty: Ghosts servers are not available at this time. I have check the status of both the Call of Duty Ghosts servers and the Xbox Live and none of them show that there is anything wrong.


      Now before anyone mentions port forwarding, DMZ and Upnp, I have tried them all and I know my configuration is correct, it is just fustrating as this has been happening for the past 3 days, it's not even like I have not been able to connect for a few hours, but seriously 3 DAYS!!!.


      And just to make it even more odd...my Xbox 360 allows me to play Ghosts online and it is setup in the exact same way.


      If anyone has come across this before or has any suggestions then i would really appreciate it.


      Thanks in advance.

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