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    wth Activision?


      This is bull I put one emblem up on BO2 and u ban me for it I should of got a first offense at least but no u had to permanently do it u know we the people could shut big companies like u down by telling our friends and they tell there if I just tell 5 of mine and then those 5 told 5 of theirs we are up to 25 people now put this into your mind we could make this way big like thpse 25 tell 5 we up to 125 then 5 more 625 and 5 more 3125 now keep doing this and u guys would see tjat as a customer of yours we want u to be good but u do this we try and bring u down and we could do it with little work. So plz unban me and however u did permently unless they done this like 3 time because I did it only once by accident