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    Is it extra laggy today?


      Hopped on the xbox 1 today and it feels extra laggy. But im not sure if its me because i have just recently got a new internet provider. My ping is faster than normal but my download or uplad is slower than normal. Is it my part

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          It's been laggy for me too. So it may not be your internet.

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            Same here but not just today the last few days the frame drops and rubber band effect is terrible. I know I have a good Internet speed plus I'm living by m self with no one sucking up Internet speed connection

            . Sad part is they won't fix it till enough people complain about it.

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              Yep.. Looks like I get pre fired, but killcam always shows a different story. They have a clear line of sight on me before they even began to ads..  K/d 3.44 -> 3.39 just today...  sad day.

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                A "bad" update was rolled out to Xbox One Update Preview (beta) program testers. If you get these preview updates that is likely the issue.


                The dev team has identified the problem and is testing a fix. In the meantime they have identified a workaround that can be used until the fix is rolled out.

                1. Go into Settings, Preferences.
                2. Toggle the setting for "Allow Play To streaming" under System & App.

                This should mitigate the slow wireless performance you are experiencing. Please note that you will need to perform this workaround any time the console comes out of a full reboot (booting from Power Saving Mode), but not when the console comes out of standby (consoles configured for Instant On mode).