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    Don't Be Raging! is now recruiting! Level 25 nearly max! 2KD

      Don't Be Raging! - Recruitment!


      Hey I'm the leader of Don't Be Raging!, i started this clan when the game first came out and i am now recruiting good players who work very well as a team!


      The requirements:


      • KD must be 2+ or 1.50+ for a trial which means you will play a few objective based games with us like S&D, S&R, Domination or TDM
      • W/L Doesn't matter as it will go up as you play with us
      • Having the COD app would be a lot better
      • Must play at least a couple of hours of clan wars. ( I'm not the kind of clan leader that makes you play clan wars all day everyday, just a couple of hours will be fine).
      • We are Xbox 360 only at the moment.

      About Don't Be Raging!

      • We are Level 25, hoping to be max level for the red clan tag soon.
      • We have 7 members at the moment but there is only about 3 of us that are active so i might kick the inactive players as we should be getting more players as I'm now recruiting.
      • Our clan KD is 2.20
      • Our Win Percent is 62%
      • We are in Gold division as we didn't play clan wars cause my laptop broke but now we are eager to get to diamond division! But we are first in gold division.
      • Our clan website is Don't Be Raging! - Call Of Duty Ghost Clan - Home



      Applying to Don't be Raging!


      If you want to apply for Don't Be Raging! then apply through our website and i will get back to you as soon as possible.