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    Run faster, buffs and nerfs in new patch

      I wanted to start this thread to see if anyone else notices the differences.


      1. You run faster - or seem to.

      2. Lag is still there in a big way - only now it comes faster instead of in slow motion like before.

      3. It seems as if your base mobility/agility has increased, but it still jumps around/frames if you get into a firefight.

      4. Characters still appearing out of nowhere.

      5. Runs more like Ghosts - fire coming out of nowhere and then the character appears - after you've been killed.

      6. Wiimote reticle/ADS broken.

      7. M27 range is nerfed (or seems to be).

      8. MTAR damage is buffed (or seems to be).

      9. Weapon's hipfire seems to be more accurate.


      Anything else? Anyone notice anything with their favorite guns or setups?

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          Re: Run faster, buffs and nerfs in new patch

          1 - It's sometimes felt like I was running slower.  May just be lag related, but I would be running and then have somebody run PAST me a the start of a match like he's Usain Bolt or something.


          2&3&4&5- Yep, lag is still there bad.  I've also experienced that weird "framing" where you'd be firing at somebody running and it's like they are teleporting just that little bit more past your sights.  I've also faced some weird jitter on my character where movements are not instantly updating but kinda dropping frames.  I've heard others complain about how it's almost like some people are lag switching.  Having the enemy kill you before they are even round the corner has always been there for me, but is a little bit worse and more frequent.


          6 - Wiimote turning is trash now.  The reticle/ADS is broken like you said, but some have gotten around that.


          7 - This may just be down to the connection.  I've found that I'm getting more hit markers in general in HCTDM.


          8 - I'm not really sure.  I did pick up an MTAR after using the M27 and found that it was performing better than the M27 lol


          9 - That seems to come and go for me.  Again, may be connection related.


          I've not experience this myself, but a DA user has said about being unable to move Sentry Guns and Guardians after putting them down, same with trying to control the Sentry Gun.  He managed to sort it once and now it's back and can't be fixed, similar to the reticle/ADS problem for Wiimote.  Maybe related to the button combo change for controlling the Sentry Gun for  Wiimote ?

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              Re: Run faster, buffs and nerfs in new patch

              I use Sentry Gun as one of my scorestreaks and haven't had a problem with it. I rarely take control of it though. I'm glad they moved the "control/override" button to something other than "Run". I got killed so many times running and the damn control pops up in the middle of a firefight.

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