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    cod ghost levels in squads


      in a recent update they took the recruit level away from us.  players i'm 68 years old and i'm not good enough for the higher levels.  i'm not the only one.  they have acually taken the game from us.  i have tried to chat with them but it seems they don't want to talk about it.  any suggestions?

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          Same thing here... my girlfriend and I used to play all of the time. We were both frustrated to find last night that recruit is missing... We just play locally, so it isn't a competitive balance thing, nor should Activision care what level we play on locally...


          If they don't restore it, it will be the last COD game we buy.

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            There you go Dad! There have been several post on this and I can find no reason why they should have turned off the recruit difficulty settings.

            Hey Activision/Infinity Ward how would you feel if some of your basic options in your cell phones were removed? How would you feel if your alarm clock app was deleted from your phone during an overnight update?

            We purchased the game with those difficulty options. What gives you the right to remove those options when they weren't being abused?

            I have enjoyed playing the game up until now.Look at these posts!

            bongerSquads Wargames difficulty levels have been removed...WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO SQUADS DIFFICULTY SETTINGS?Only ONE skill level in Squads Wargame now ("Regular")???@

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              I am 62, I know what you are talking about. But - step up your game. Playing against the young guys has resulted in my reaction times and my hand/eye coordination improving drastically. While I seldom kick their butts, I can at lease give them a good run for the money.

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                It needs Fixed. Simple. Enough people have given their explanations, said PLEASE many, many times and we have been given no valid explanation for this either. Sadly I have moved on to a few other games but will continue my rants throughout this site as well as other sites.

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                  guns24 7

                  Of course they took out recruit. The programmers juice their bots so they can shoot through walls w/o armor piercing ammo equipped, knife you through metal columns, literally shoot you w/o ever seeing you. Come out of a belt fed weapon reload instantly (faster than even my scuf controller lets me) and kill you, react while getting shot w/o flinching while not having focus equipped. I have video after video of all of this happening on my Xbox One feed. They have now removed items that where selling points when they where advertising the game prior to release. That's tortious theft and I'm sure I could get a really good local class action attorney I know to take the case. I'm going to get my $5 reserve deposit back for COD Advanced Warfare and let Activision, IW, and all the others who could give a rats behind about their customers get bent.