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    One satisfied Customer here

      I remember seeing quite a few threads on this forum about players thinking this game is bad and wanting to get a refund on their purchase of it.  I don't think any of them got it, but it does help to vent. I listen to quite a few people whine about losing $59.99  + tax.  Well, I have quite a bit more invested into Ghosts than that.


      Cod Ghosts for 360 $60

      Upgrading disk to xbox 1  $10

      Renewing my xbox live account to play Ghosts $60

      Buying the first map pack $15

      Buying th season pass afterwards for early access to the ripper $50

      getting a head set adapter for the xbox 1 $25

      Gunny's announcer voice pack $3

      2 customization packs $4

      the extra class slots pack $2

      4 weapon cammo Packs $8


      Total $237


      This doesn't include the $500 I spent on the Xbox 1 or the electricity and internet bill I pay every month as well.


      However, I have logged over 500 hours at multiplayer, 60+ hours of extinction and played through the single player campaign twice.  I also dumped about an hour and a half into squads before abandoning it.  I have been prestige master for 5 months now and I have 3 characters with every single thing in the game unlocked.  I still enjoy loading up into multiplayer for an hour or two at a time and having fun.  Overall, I couldn't be happier with my investment.  Thanks to IW for making a great game and providing me with quite a lot of fun over this past year.



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          Re: One satisfied Customer here

          I think the game is a mess. If I could get my money back I would take it in a heart beat. Of the games I've played before and to see the games the other studios produce now, it just makes it more of a rip off for me. There is no way I would put out a dime more for the DLC maps that only fragment the low player population even more. I surely would not get any of the gimmick camos put out for suckers.

          Luckly for Activision, they can continue to shovel out junk like this and be assured that some kids will buy anything with cod on it regardless of the quality. I'm glad the op is happy with the purchase as they could have purchased at least 3 other games with the money they sunk into this one game. Some people are far more easily amused than others, and like the saying goes, there's one born every minute.

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            Re: One satisfied Customer here

            I think I spent more than that. Hardened for the 360 and Prestige Edition on the One. Passed the extra season pass to a friend. There is no question I always get my monies worth from CoD. Even though my 14 days of multi is an all time low in the franchise for me. But that had nothing to do with what I thought of Ghosts.

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              Re: One satisfied Customer here

              I don't take into account my Xbox Live Service nor my headset adaptor, but my numbers seem similar.


              $119.99 for the Hardened Edition (included season pass)

              $6 for 3 customizations packs

              $3 for the Gunny voice pack

              $2 for Extra Slots pack

              $4 for 2 camo packs

              So, yeah, $135 total. But I have logged over 300 hours in MP, several in Extinction and I enjoyed the campaign. Worth it to me.

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                Re: One satisfied Customer here

                I got a free prestige edition, definitely value for money



                Some players are more complex

                But you struggle to understand simple points and can't hold a civil discussion.

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                  Re: One satisfied Customer here

                  Probably the worst COD I've ever played and probably the worst game I played in all of 2013.

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                      Re: One satisfied Customer here

                      Whofreak wrote:


                      Probably the worst COD I've ever played and probably the worst game I played in all of 2013.


                      With all respect............ what games did you play that were so much better and made Ghosts trash? ........BO2?

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                          Re: One satisfied Customer here

                          Hey there iHattoriHanzo0,


                          In regard to a game that was and would still be better than ghost i can go back as far as W@W by treyarch probably (and this is my own opinion) the only game they dropped that was any good, be it an infinity ward game i would have to say even with its faults MW & MW2 anything past that - COD Shite.

                          IMO it absolutely has gone down hill, from the un-needed content the blown out of proportion perks kill streak etc.


                          O.K you could say im old skool and maybe that is true and regardless of new gen console etc, the above mentioned games piss all over the current state of COD gaming by far, while i will agree for sure COD ghost has some rather interesting ideas that could work the game play on every COD game since COD B.O has gone down hill and landed face first everytime and quite frankly my opinion is im tired of shelling out money on games that fail to achieve imo.


                          As you know from a post i did elsewhere my passion for gaming is as most other gamers always looking for that next fix, but with the way COD has dealt with its net coding (IMO again) there biggest problem, its what has let them down the most.

                          And for me the straw has finally snapped, i will NOT touch any new releases  from either company.


                          (Wait I Make An Acception) on the account there was talk of a W@W 2 how much truth there is to that i do not know i also recently requested or stated i would love an XB1 revamp of original W@W now dependant on feed back and forums i could be seriously tempted to buy and should it dissapoint it wouldnt take long to refund.

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                              Re: One satisfied Customer here

                              I can appreciate your view. There's no question Ghosts isn't for everyone. I'll predict in years from now, my memories playing Ghosts will most likely not come close to the memories I had playing WaW. But I try very hard to accept the game for what it is and not what it isn't.


                              This was a good year for me as far as gaming. GTA5 actually had me start Ghosts a month late. That borders on sacreligious for me. And then because of the One, I took many breaks with new games. Most notably Titanfall. The pure enjoyment only lasted a month but still managed to rack up 5 or 6 days of multiplayer time played.


                              Wolfenstein was amazing and considering I paid $60 for a single player story only game, it was well worth the money.


                              So I mean, in my opinion............ Call of Duty Ghosts still has a one of the smoothest first person feels out there for multiplayer. I thought it was a good solid campaign, and then Extinction was the most challenging co-op I experienced all year. It isn't my all time favorite but isn't on the bottom either.

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                          Re: One satisfied Customer here

                          This was my only game for 3 months and kept me entertained and still does. Then came the DLC and lag increased with each new installment. After Nemesis I can't find a match on HC modes other than Nemesis HC. If I've wasted money (£80) like alot say they have then I have also wasted my time but enjoyed it. There aren't many FPS on the X1 so if COD had more competition it may work harder for it's players.....you'd hope anyway!

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                            Re: One satisfied Customer here

                            Glad you like the game. It has been a nightmare for me.  I was a playstation user for years, and switched to the Xbone when the next gen consoles came out.  I do not know if its Ghosts, the Xbone, or a combination of the two, but this game, system or game & system is complete trash.  Frame rate is garbage, I feel like I'm watching a 1970's porn film, it's so choppy.  Character manipulation is ridiculous.  I love being in the middle of an open area and dropping prone, only to find out that prone is blocked (By what, I have no idea???  I'm in the middle of nothing!), and couple that with getting "stuck" on a crack on the sidewalk, or the random chicken that happens to be in your path.  Or, every time there is a game update, I lag out so bad, I feel like I am 10 seconds behind everybody else (Hard boot, followed by power cycling 3-4 times seems to help that, btw.).  Again, I don't know if its Ghosts, or the Xbone, but I am almost to the point where I dread playing this game.


                            Disclaimer.  I did play Ghosts on the PS3 prior to the release of the next Gen consoles, and had none of the above issues.

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